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Medical Marijuana Rally Joins International March

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About a hundred people who support legalizing medical marijuana rally in Riverside Park Saturday.

The rally was part of an international effort in support of the issue. Wichita is one of more than 300 cities worldwide hosting cannabis liberation marches.

Debbie Moore, an organizer of the local gathering says, "This is a worldwide march that is into its twelfth year. There are 300 cities internationally participating this year and Wichita is one of the major players."

"People are really tired of the status quo and they want change and they don't want Wichita to be left in the dark or Kansas as a whole when there's fourteen other states that have now adopted some kind of laws that allow for medical marijuana," she adds.

Jon Hauxwell, a retired family physician participating in the march says the goal is to help gain relief for the sick. "I simply think that some of the drugs we have available for conditions that are resistant to treatment need the benefit of the option of cannabis."

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