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Medical Marijuana Rally Planned for Missoula

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A group backing the Montana Medical Marijuana Act is planning to gather in Missoula to protest this week's raids on several medical marijuana shops in Montana.

According to a press release, members of the "medical cannabis community will come together this Saturday, voicing their unity in the face of federal interference in Montana politics".

The march, dubbed, "Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets," is being put together by Montanans for Responsible Legislation, Garden Mother Herbs, and Zoo Mountain Natural Care. It will start an Noon in Caras Park on Saturday with speeches by backers of legalized medical marijuana in Montana.

Supporters plan to then march through downtown Missoula to the Missoula County Courthouse lawn, where a rally will be held according to a press release.

The rally comes on the heel's of this week's raid by law enforcement agents on medical marijuana shops across Montana, including in Missoula. Meanwhile, the Montana Legislature is in the midst of debating whether to reform or abolish legalized medical marijuana in the Treasure State.

We have been conducting an ongoing online poll to find out what Montanans feel about the efforts to change the medical marijuana law. So far, over 5,400 people have chimed in with 42% saying the law needs to be reformed; 30% in favor of repealing the law; and 27% saying that the measure, passed by voters in 2004, should be left alone.

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