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Medical Marijuana Show (Cannabis Planet) Debuts on KDOC TV in Los Angeles


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Cannabis Planet - Premiers this Friday & Saturday at Midnight

July 27, 2009 - Los Angeles, CA – Cannabis Planet Productions, Inc. announces the debut of a new, 30 minute weekly television program, Cannabis Planet, premiering this Friday night, July 31st at Midnight on KDOC TV, (Los Angeles – consult your local listings). The show will air on both Friday and Saturday at midnight this week, then will air twice weekly, Thursday's at midnight after Rod Serling's Twighlight Zone, and again each Saturday at midnight.

Cannabis Planet will focus on the merits of the cannabis plant (medicinally, industrially, agriculturally) and the benefits this plant brings to planet earth, mankind, and the United States.

YouTube - Cannabis Planet Sneak Preview

Cannabis Planet is Co-Hosted by Ngaio Bealum (Publisher of West Coast Cannabis Magazine) and Sarah Diesel (Medical Cannabis Activist). Horticultural legend and best-selling author Ed Rosenthal will serve as the resident Cannabis expert and will provide weekly growing tips.

Weekly topics will include Cannabis News and Information, profiles of Medical Marijuana Collectives,
Cannabis Cooking, Celebrity Interviews, Music, Entertainment and more.

“We are very excited to be bringing the latest in cannabis news & information into millions of living rooms each week” stated Brad Lane, the Creator, and Executive Producer of Cannabis Planet.
“The show will also be available on the Internet, but we think that the information is important enough to be seen on television. Cannabis is a plant, and a wonderful natural resource that we should be utilizing as a people and a nation instead of demonizing it. Our goal at Cannabis Planet is to inform and educate the masses about the merits of Cannabis.” Lane went on to say.

Cannabis Planet is scheduled to run for 13 consecutive weeks on KDOC TV, premiering at Midnight July 31st then will re-run on Saturday August 1st at Midnight. In subsequent weeks new shows will debut on Thursday's at Midnight after the Twighlight Zone, then re-run on Saturday's at Midnight.
KDOC TV services six million Los Angeles homes and is available on Direct TV, Dish Network,
Time Warner Cable, Cox Cable, Charter Cable, Verizon Fios, and ATT Uverse .
Consult your local listings for Channel Information. Cannabis Planet is also available on the world wide web at Cannabis Planet

For additional information contact:

Brad Lane
Cannabis Planet Productions
877-420-SHOW (7469)

Cannabis Planet is Sponsored by 420 Magazine


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Episodes should be made available online via a proprietary website, youtube, any social media site possible, featured on Digg(nation), etc. Spreading the cause - love it!


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Time is short but usually aired shows can easily be recorded and uploaded to various sites. I was hoping the shows creators would do this and make it known prior to launch so that people like myself aren't hustling to encode it for others. It makes complete since for them to do it, producing a higher quality file and all, but just about every show on the planet is available online if one looks hard enough. I'm setting things up to encode it right now actually, hope they come through and do it for us. There are hurdles such as commercial contracts but that should have been thought of long before the show launch and taken care of. Although the site is simple and there is a preview, there is no mention of episodes being available online. We'll have to wait and see : )

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I wonder who will be the shows sponsers...lol..

I'd like to know this as well

As a community we need to show our support to the corporate world that treats us a normal consumers (much the opposite of Kelloggs)


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Marquis Sponsorship is provided by Advanced Nutrients, Medicann, & BC Northern Lights,Other sponsors include CCW (compassionate care for Wellness) LBOC (Long Beach Oraganic Caregivers) AHH (Alternate Healing Health) MMI (Medical Marijuana, Inc.) & 420 Magazine.
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