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Medical Marijuana Specialist Lectures in Florida

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Salem-News.com's Dr. Phil Leveque just returned from a speaking engagement that he was invited to attend at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

The subject was medical marijuana, and this is one individual who can speak at length about the history and usefulness of marijuana or cannabis, as a tool to restore health.

He says many good questions were asked during the 50-minute lecture that included slideshows and information on many parts of this complex and highly interesting natural herb.

Dr. Leveque says the questions from those in attendance underscore the fact that existing information is still not reaching the public.

It doesn't seem to be reaching the government either he says, as California is spending a large amount of taxpayer money to discover and list the ailments and problems marijuana can be used for.

A Californian who goes by the name of Storm Crow, has already published an extensive highly researched list of medical marijuana informational resources that Dr. Leveque says is the best in existence, something that should be used, not duplicated at a large cost to the taxpayer.

Dr. Leveque says the Florida event went very well, and he looks forward to hearing from other groups in the U.S. and worldwide, who need a person with real background to discuss this fast evolving form of medical treatment.

YouTube - Phil Leveque, Med MJ Doctor in Florida

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