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Medical Marijuana Stores Opening up Around Arizona

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PHOENIX - Medical marijuana businesses are beginning to open their doors around Arizona.

Green Horizons University in Scottsdale opens their doors to the public Monday morning. They are one of a handful of stores that plan to cash-in on Arizona's new industry.

"We are an educational facility to teach everybody everything from A to Z about the medical marijuana industry," said Daniel Halbert, who founded Green Horizons University.

The school offers classes on how to grow medical marijuana and even sells supplies. Halbert said he believes these kinds of stores will benefit more than just consumers.

"This is something that can really stimulate the economy," Halbert said.

Another business set to open in a few weeks is 'weGrow', a massive medical marijuana supply store in Phoenix set to open June 1.

Dhar Mann, who also runs two other stores in California, hopes it's a one-stop shop for Arizona medical marijuana users.

"They can meet with a doctor to get their cannabis recommendation and cultivators can drop off samples of their product so we can test it for THC evaluations," Mann said.

Mann said they will also sell supplies and help people learn how to cultivate marijuana.

Both of these stores will not sell marijuana, however.

While stores will undoubtedly continue to pop up around the Valley, some of the products will come at a price, especially if you want to grow your own medical marijuana.

"You can usually look at spending a couple grand if you want a good setup," Halbert said.

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