Medical Marijuana Strain Guide

Date Reported: 5/27/08
Strain: MTB
Sativa %: 0
Indica %: 100
Cure Time: Unknown

Color: Dark green with a little purple and some orange hairs. Not too many Trichromes...
Smell: Smells like powdered lemonade before water is added...
Taste: Fruity and sour
Density (1-10): 2
Potency (1-10): 10
Price per 1/4oz: $70

Method of Consumption: Water Pipe
Experience:Thick smoke, expands in the lungs. Fruity taste until its gone. Pleasure to smoke. Great stone. 6/10 for pain management.

Length of effect: 1 hr
Damn! That first pic looks like a centerfold. What an awesome pic, very professional.
Strain: Jack Herrer
Genetics: Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5 and Haze
Breeder: Sensi Seeds
High: Very strong
Taste & Smell: Amazing taste & Wonderful aroma

Prepare for take off

Very tasty

Smells amazing

Jack Herrer

Very potent


Enjoy :bong:
Nice pics Vaporizer. May I ask, what are you using to take the photos? Thanks.