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Medical Marijuana
The new grape vine
Since, the process of legalizing Marijuana for its medicinal values. It has been integrated into our sub-culture more and more each day. The avenues it has taken ahold of varying from the product itself (pot, hash, oils...) to utensils to imbibe it (papers, pipes, bongs...) There are countless uses to its bi-products from rope to so called dynamite. Have we really put our search for an end all solution into one simple plant when we already know other sources for these very things we are searching for under the microscope with this simple plant. Impresses me with what we could do with a rock, or maybe even a cloud at some point. Now I'm not saying a rock is going to be made into a rope or a cloud is going to dull some pain. But, are we opening doors that have a mirrored consequence on the other end. Where we see only positive answers for reasons to incorporate marijuana into society, the polar end is possibly ensuring the fact that we are snowballing towards a door they cannot open themselves. A final collision will occur to bring what could be satisfaction for one and torment for the other, who was only seeking a non-consequential relationship of acceptance. At what point does either party have to gain you might ask yourself. Well the right to do as they please.
Not to go out on a limb here but I absolutely have to in order to keep my point straight. But, since we have this state by state wave of legalizing the medical acceptance of marijuana into the pharmaceutical field. Which, in turn, leads to recreational use of smoking pot. There trend is drawing a line and erasing it, is what I am catching on to. Now when creating this new country we literally drew lines and called it what it is after hearing how our brethren back in England were being flat out molested by our right to represent and do business accordingly. That is one end of the spectrum. The, opposite side is that they must let the wave pass because they are not there in time to catch it and ride it as they please, so they must wait till a coincidence comes about and allows them an avenue to represent themselves as they please. Where my point is in all of this is that, there are two points of the bridge being built over our heads to conjoin a certain freedom that there wasn't there before.
The whole concept I am getting at is closely related to a teacher that allows you to build what you want knowing that your project will fail and lets you waste what your plans were.
Is our government watching our society legalize an avenue of freedom to allow them to come in and say "Since you can't make it right." The only advice is for them to come and take over entirely, not only doing what they want but taken your concept, manipulating it and shoving it in your face that they knew how to do it better the entire time.
Is the legalization process going to flip our concept of state law superseding over federal law. Because we are allowing them to have rebuttal's that we can't fight against that's equal to us saying its used for medicine then turning around and allowing recreational use. Alcohol and tobacco didn't have that ability and yeah you can say even cocaine had a medicinal use in our culture. But are we going to legalize that to pick a fight with the Mexican Cartel just south of us since they would become our business enemies. Would that not become a war that we would have to arm our citizens to help protect the very things we deem acceptable. Once our cartel business is situated would the government come in once again and say we don't like you having weapons since you could revolt against us so we must take them from you. Hoping nothing of the later comes to play but still some type of scope we should be looking through.
Now back to marijuana being our noose, I don't feel that there is ever going to be a widespread plague of social acceptance from it being medical or recreational. Maybe, some thought about it needing to become an avenue to legalize other things then fine pour your foundation and believe in your ideas, just know there are roots from trees planted long ago that have grown roots and they are stronger and more persistent then you're concrete.


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Howdy HerbinGrower,

I believe you are incorrect when you say that there will not be widespread acceptance for MJ either medical or recreational. What evidence do I present to make that assumption? I first became aware of MJ in 1971 I believe it may have been 1970 but roughly in that era is when I smoked my first bowl. Since then, I have always had open discussions with people about the legalization of MJ. Now in 1985 I got married and it was right around this time that I decided to stop smoking MJ because I had a personal responsibility to my wife not to be thrown in prison and we wanted children and I felt at that time, the chance of going to prison for procession of MJ was a very possible threat. This did not stop me from continuing to talk to people about MJ and the legalization of it. Back in the days the topic was only for recreational use. As far as I knew at the time, the only medical advantage to using it was for Glaucoma, because back in those days the US government actually did sell legal packs of joints to patients who has Glaucoma. It was not until around 14 years ago that the medical concept of MJ really started to come around. That was when my neighbor John told me he was a MMJ user.
Where I am going with this is this. Back in the 70's 80's and 90's the only people who would even come out and say that MJ should be legal were old stoners or new stoners, but they were stoners none the less. Now in the past few years, the people I am finding who are open minded to the legalization of MJ has grown and not just because there are more stoners. My sister who lives in Corvallis has never smoked MJ ever, in fact she said when it was legal she would give it a try to which my brother and I gave her a big phat joint and said "Its legal."
Well she passes on it because of multiple reasons, one she is a non-smoker and against putting anything into her lungs. Also she is not a big drinker either so the whole concept of being high is not appealing to her at all. Both her and her husband feel the same way about this, but here is my point, they have personally seen how using RS Oil created from MJ has helped my sister-in-law and now they are talking with their friends who felt the same way. Word will spread, but not by you or I saying yes this is good for you, it will happen when people see it for themselves and honestly believe it. And when they do, they will tell their friends, and while their friends may not take what they say as gospel, it will open their minds to look into it. And once they see if for themselves they will be like my sister and her husband.

Now do my sister or her husband partake? Nope but guess what, they have no objections to you partaking if you so choice so long as you are responsible about it. This is how it goes widespread my friend.
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