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Medical Marijuana: Where Does It Come From?


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It is well accepted, even by stories in Time and Forbes magazines, that the best/strongest marijuana comes from Vancouver, British Columbia. It is estimated it is worth 10 or 20 billion dollars per year. Where do you think they export it? One person named Marc Emry sells cannabis seeds only. He makes a million dollars a year.

Marijuana grows almost every place where humans live. It grows best in tropical or semitropical areas, but it grows as far north as the Arctic Circle. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is grown in Antarctica, indoors of course.

It is July 2nd, 2007. I just heard on the History Channel that California grows the most cannabis, followed by Tennessee and Kentucky. To make it plain, it grows in every state AND there are arrests for marijuana procession in every state. The lowest in Montana with 619 in 2002, next is Vermont with 776 and North Dakota with 910. Even Alaska had 1300. The big states, California, had 60,000, New York had 58,000 and Texas had 52,000. The total for the U.S. was about 750,000.

Assuming only one of ten miscreants were apprehended, that means at least 7 million people are using. If its only one in twenty, it means 15 million people are using. Even the U.S. Government estimates maybe 70 million.

In my state of Oregon, it is estimated the marijuana crop is worth one billion dollars, and it is estimated that more than 100 thousand use it, although only about 15 thousand are legal uses. By the way, we had about 7,000 arrests in 2002.

Most of our 15 thousand card holders are totally protected, though some think they can grow more than 24 plants (which is legal). In Idaho, a plantation was found and destroyed. It had an estimated 14,000 plants. It was operated by the Mexican Mafia.

In British Columbia, Asian combines will buy houses with big basements and set up grow sites with automatic lighting, water and fertilizer and grow 3 crops a year each worth one million dollars. If properly cultivated, one plant will produce at least three thousand dollars of medicine. This process has just been found by police in Portland, Oregon so it is probably all over.

The national forests in Southern and Eastern Oregon are also great growing areas. The same can be said for Northern California. What the heck, with marijuana worth up to $600 dollars an ounce, it’s easy to get people to guard it for peanuts considering the profits.

I can see the cops going crazy. In Oregon, the police organizations wanted the state marijuana office to send investigators to visit the known grow sites registered with the state. There are about five thousand of them scattered all over the state. How many cops would it take, maybe fifty. That would cost at least three million dollars per year. Why don’t the cops forget the whole thing and stick with their scotch.

The illegal marijuana industry in the U.S. must be worth around 50 billion dollars a year. The “drug war” costs about the same. Why are we throwing 100 billion dollars out the window. It would help the school system.

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