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We are an attorney/physician team who provide reccomendations to people who qualify under Prop 215. We are located in the foothills of Sacramento, California. Specifically in Cool, California. It is our goal to do everything in our power to help you protect yourself under the law.

We provide something that a doctor alone cannot provide, which is protection of your right to privacy. Currently under the law a criminal investigation is enough to violate any doctor patient privledge. The attorney/client privledge is different because the courts recognize the need for true confidentialiaty. So much so that it is a part of the Constitution of the United States. Clearly for our democracy to exist and to maintain a justice system, a person must feel free to confide in their attorney.

Our rights are being invaded. Drug testing is an example of the government reaching their hands into our bedroom. Your behavior with your spouse or significant other on a Friday night has now become the business of your employer on Monday morning. This subtle but alarming trend of Californians to be complascent is the reason we commonly accept drug testing. We do not recognize it as an invasion of privacy. I feel that drug testing should only apply to those drugs which you are under the influence of at the time of testing.

Marajuana is a safe, nontoxic herbal alternative. It needs to be available at an affordable cost for all patients. Health and Safety Code Section 11362.5 subsection (c) states: "to encouage the Federal and State Governments to impliment a plan to provide the safe and affordable distribution of marijuana to all patients in medical need of marijuana"

Four years after the people demanded this law, by iniating it on a popular ballot and voting it in, does it work? Why Not? I can tell you why.....just send me an email. www.cannabisdr@hotmail.com.

My last thought is, the law is for the people, by the people and we clearly do not want sick people in jail for the use of an herb. So please protect your family, your possessions and your freedom. See a doctor if you are using marijuana as a medicine and become legal. If you are in Northern California and you are in need of a cannabis doctor please feel free to call (530) 823-0446.