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Medical-Pot Protest In Riverside


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About 30 medical-marijuana advocates shouting slogans and carrying signs picketed outside the Riverside office of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration Friday protesting recent raids on medical-marijuana dispensaries.

Members of the group also handed out flyers criticizing Rep. Ken Calvert for supporting the DEA raids. They urged passers by to contact federal legislators to express support for decriminalizing medical marijuana.

DEA officers have shut down several Southern California medical-marijuana dispensaries in recent weeks, including outlets in Corona and Palm Springs. Several storeowners face federal charges for drug trafficking and illegal operations.

California voters in 1996 legalized marijuana for medical use. But marijuana remains illegal under federal law, which supercedes state law.

On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives defeated a proposal to bar the DEA from using federal funds to conduct the raids. Supporters of the measure argued that the raids were overriding the wishes of Californians and taking away doctor-approved drugs from sick people.

Only two or three dispensaries remain in the Inland area. One, in Palm Desert, will close in September under pressure from the city, and another, in Palm Springs, is being threatened with eviction after the DEA announced it reserves the right to seize the property of anyone who rents to medical-marijuana outlets.

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Author: John Asbury
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