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Medical Pot Smokes Police

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Jan.7, 00
Frederick News Post (MD)
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Author: Tai Venuti
How are young people interpreting the so-called "medical marijuana" debate and Delegate Don Murphy's proposal? Marijuana advocates often claim that marijuana has medicinal benefits but ignore the facts about the harm associated with marijuana use. They ignore key scientific conclusions of the latest study on marijuanas medicinal value (the Institute of Medicine's report), which found that while various constituents of marijuana, called cannabinoids, show promise of becoming useful medicines and should be studied, marijuana smoke causes respiratory disease and is not a "safe" drug for any use. Scientific studies show that marijuana can have up to four times the cancer causing agents and toxic chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Saying marijuana is medicine is like saying a dumpster full of garbage with half a sandwich in it is your lunch. It sends the wrong message to kids who already downplay the harmful effects of marijuana.