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Medical Pot Users Denied Care?

Jim Finnel

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SAN ANDREAS - Additional medical-marijuana patients have come forward to say they were told they were unwelcome at clinics operated by Mark Twain St. Joseph's Hospital.

New allegations surfaced after hospital officials in early July said they have no policy barring medical-marijuana patients from receiving care and that, in fact, some Mark Twain physicians have even written recommendations for patients to use medical marijuana.

Sam Slayter, a disabled veteran living near Valley Springs, was the first to go public with his account. Slayter said he had been told by Dr. Rafael Rosado that he couldn't receive care at a Mark Twain clinic in Valley Springs unless he promised to discontinue his use of medical marijuana.

At the time, hospital President Feliciano Jiron and Dr. Sean Anderson, the hospital's vice president of medical affairs, suggested that Slayter may have misunderstood Rosado.

Since then, other patients have reported similar experiences, saying they were asked to sign forms promising not to use medical marijuana and were told not just by Rosado but also by front-office staff that Mark Twain doctors were no longer allowed to write medical-marijuana recommendations.

"When I called in, I was in pain. I told them I was in pain. I was trying to get a hold of my own doctor," said David Jack, 68, who suffers from a congenital brain tumor.

Rather than scheduling him an appointment with his long-time physician, Dr. Paul Jacobson, Jack said the clinic receptionist told him he would not be allowed to see a doctor unless he signed a form promising not to use medical marijuana.

Jack said he then called a higher-ranking administrator, and she said the same thing.

"She went into an absolute rant about how Dr. Jacobson should not have ever given me a recommendation for cannabis," Jack said.

Neither Rosado nor hospital administrators nor Jacobson responded to requests for comment. In an earlier email, Rosado said the form is something recommended by the American Academy of Pain Medicine in cases where patients require potentially addictive narcotics.

"The true issue here is that we have a huge problem with patients who take prescribed pain medicines while also abusing illegal substances," Rosado wrote. "We would never turn anyone away for choosing to use marijuana as long as they are not being treated with a prescribed controlled substance or the use of the marijuana affects the care they receive at the clinic."

The form also states that the patients agree to random drug testing and understand they can be discharged from care if they test positive.

Rosado oversees care for all of Mark Twain's family medical clinics. Accounts by patients suggest that he and physicians in the clinics are in conflict over medical marijuana.

Both Jack and Paula Stevens, 45, who suffers back pain due to scoliosis and degenerative disc disease, said that other doctors apologized to them later after each initially had a run-in with Rosado over medical marijuana.

Stevens said that upon learning that Rosado had pressured her into signing the form and had withdrawn her pain medication, Dr. Rodger Orman told her "that's completely wrong. I don't want you to go back there. And I want you to complain to the board. That is not right."

Thomas Liberty is an activist with Collective Patient Resources, an organization that advocates for medical-marijuana patients in Calaveras County.

He said he's been contacted this month by seven medical-marijuana patients who said they've been pressured by staff at Mark Twain St. Joseph's clinics to sign a form promising not to use medical marijuana. Liberty said 17 people showed up at a meeting he organized to discuss how to respond to the hospital's policy.

"Nobody can understand why a hospital would treat people like this," Liberty said.


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Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
"Nobody can understand why a hospital would treat people like this," Liberty said.
$ - BIG pharma - religion


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You can bet that there's big money behind the actions of the Hospital. To put pressure on patients is complete bull-shit. I can't believe this happened in California. RD :peace::peace::peace:


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People suck, & it's just about always over money. :/


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;) So Quit Quitting.

If that's in reference to the comments in my signature, I'd love to quit quitting, but I have higher priorities than my desire to toke. At this juncture, staying quit is what's best for my family... I can bide my time & look forward to toking sometime in the future.

Btw, I love your purple pretties profile picture. :D

Captain Kronic

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I was discharged from care from a clinic here in Oregon for (smoking medical cannabis), I have been going there for about 30 or more years.
Yes I had an Oregon issued MMJ card.
The Dr. I was seeing for pain management and other ailments knew that I was a formerly addicted to pain meds and that I was in bad shape. Even though I was taking the meds as perscribed. He also knew that I was using MMJ and was cool w/it.

While under their care, I lost 30 pounds, wasn't sleeping, eating, no sex drive, decreased testosterone levels... ect ect.

These are all symptoms of pain meds. We were in the process of getting me off the pain meds when he took a job elsewhere... the "lady doc" that I got assigned to me wanted a new pain contract, of course it came up dirty for MMJ... they kicked me loose.

Since that happened, over the period of about a month and a half... I was forced to work it out myself and was able to get off them w/the rainy day stash that I had put away... can't cold turkey this shit... YIKES!

I am pretty much back to where I was health wise and damned glad of it. But I ask... what manner of medical facility kicks a person down the road in that bad of shape... we are talking about a med center in the heart of So. Oregon. You would think they would be compassionate about MMJ given location and the type of clients they have... lots of country/hippie folks.

I have considered suing them but that's not my way... I still think about it though. I went through hell (my whole family did) trying to get off those meds after being on them for so long!


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I have considered suing them but that's not my way... I still think about it though. I went through hell (my whole family did) trying to get off those meds after being on them for so long!

Right before I read this bit I was thinking you should sue the living shit out of those people. Your way or not, what they did could have killed you. That is seriously fucked up & if they did it to you, can be sure they've done it to others & will continue to do so until someone stands up to them & hits them where it hurts. Other people they do it to may not have had the foresight or be as fortunate as you were. :( What they did to you is inexcusable & the person who made that call must be an atrocious human being. They should pay & others need to be protected from them.

Edit: I read your post (as well as my reply) to my older kids. (Also explaining how kicking pills the way I did the bud can kill you.) My daughters agreed, saying, "What dickheads. He should sue the living crap out of those douches."


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...Your way or not, what they did could have killed you. That is seriously fucked up & if they did it to you...

As far as I know, there is only one specific medication of the vast category of certain Poppy-based medications for pain that can kill from withdrawal (as far as I know). It is usually prescribed for coming off of a very bad (and illegal) street variety (and is not very successful for that). It can only do this when you are taking a very high quantity of it for quite some time. A certain class of well-known memory affecting and anxiety-reducing medications is usually considered the 'only' type straight 'cold turkey' withdrawal that can kill you... However, there are people who really feel like killing themselves going through withdrawals... So it certainly is not without its dangers. Overdose is the main killer of people with painkillers though.

I am not down playing the severity. These types of medications are hell to quit, cold turkey or even when stepping down.

I have known people who have had to quit them and it is a sad sight. It is heart-breaking that any place of medicine would do this to you Captain. You have my respect, not just from being an awesome grower of cannabis.. But also for being a strong enough individual to overcome this sort of situation, it is a feat many never accomplish.


This is crazy! I am so glad my doctors never turned me away. They were "federal" doctors when I was a military dependent. So couldn't give me a medical license even in a medical state... I told them I used cannabis and why.. They told me they cannot tell me to use it but sure as hell wouldn't tell me to stop if it was working!
They couldn't even get me a Marinol prescription! They tried, and some upper level mucky-muck told them no. They came back and told me that I would essentially have to be on my death bed to get it. Weird stuff.


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I am retired from the military so a large part of my medical needs are taken care of at a military clinic. My primary care doctor is on active duty. He is not allowed to recommend mmj but knows that I use it to manage pain and is supportive. I cannot believe that a military physician can be supportive yet a civilian med facility denies patients care? What a bunch of crap.
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