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profesor x

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Heh .. I am feeling sorry for all the buds I pull off atm before even ready for harvest .. but if I have to choose, I smoke that any day over what I can buy. Not smoking any is not really an option. So tho in principle I agree, for most things there are exceptions :p

profesor x

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smoke report

sour diesel
smell: citrus, forest and a bit of gasoline smell
taste: earthy, citrus, forest , very fresh taste, almost mint lol
high: long lasting, very uplifting high as expected, very good as an all day long- active strain

amnesia haze:
smell: skunk with fresh herbs smell, very haze-like.
taste: fresh, citrus, very tasty :)
high: very long lasting (it is more powerful than sour diesel in my opinion), very euphoric, lots of laugh and fun with this one i love it

thanks to every friend that subscribed to this journal and thanks for your interest in my grow :)

Moderators you can move this journal to completed journals, peace!

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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