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Medicated Cannabis Scrub For Radiant Skin


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This is not a recipe as you can use either double boiler or water methods to make cannabis infused coconut butter or olive oil. This is a cannabis hack to make use of the throw away stuff!

If you are a cannabis grower, you may already be using a dark fabric mesh pot like the one in my pictures. These fabric pots are also great for straining stuff! I use 1 gallon fabric pot pots to strain my cannabutter.



But wait, there's more!

The fabric pots have a mild abrasive texture which is softer than a loofah sponge. Additionally, you can add other stuff to the inside of the pot with the cannabis residue like lavender(dry, fresh or oil) or even your favorite soap and tie the pot with a rubber band.


Both coconut and olive oils are wonderful for the skin. Lavender is effective for healing sores and skin rashes. Cannabis is an effective anti-inflammatory with anti-aging antioxidants which is why hemp oil is in high demand in the cosmetics industry.

Why not strain and bundle up your cannabutter residue in a 1 gallon fabric pot and add some lavender and treat your self to a delicious shower or bath?

I have an auto-immune disorder that frequently leaves my face and exposed skin sensitive, scaly and rashy. My joints also tend to be achy. A medicated cannabis scrub leaves my skin radiant and my fingers a little less achy.
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