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Medicating as well as day to day life help


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So for a while now I have been telling people close to me I will be stopping smoking as it does stop me from doing a lot in terms of work wise but at the same time I'm currently undergoing investigations with my illness as that really does affect my lifestyle so I'm in a hole at the moment and not the good kind.

So yesterday I ran out of bud and only had enough to make one around 11am and that was the last and oh boy oh boy I certainly know why I am constantly using cannabis to medicate myself, so around from 3pm yesterday till currently now my body shut it's self down and I have nearly ended up overdosing during the night with tablets just to try get an hours sleep and while I'm writing this I'm hoping no one crosses me in a bad way today because I might just try and smoke one of there fingers lol.

So because I live in the UK, do I need to say any more? The cannabis you here is absolutely rubbish and travelling further a field is what I'm actually having to do, how far you ask? 240 mile journey there and back for just an oz, far to many growers in this country literally chop there whole grow rooms when they think they look big enough buds, they don't look for maturity or trichomes they just bang it out and tell everyone it's some mega cali strain shipped in, not shipped in from the US no, but rather from someone's house someones rented out to wreck just to make a few quid to produce grade A terrible weed.

So I will be getting an Indica OZ of some grade A "apparently" great stuff, it does come from one of the biggest cities that has a high member of smokers so I'm hoping it does what it's apparently supposed too, but I trust my guy who is getting it as he has been smoking for years and if it knocks him out then my skinny was will be perfect lol.

Could anyone help me produce a medical breakdown for me on how I can go on with my life, medicate and be able to generally be a little motivated, I know there is plenty of people on here that suffer themselves with similar, so when I say medical breakdown what I mean is, could I make edibles that won't knock me all over for mornings maybe and how would I know how to microcode ect, if anyone has a great nutrition plan as well I would really appreciate you sharing it with me.

I also must share, I don't know whether this happens to others but when I have been smoking for a while only certain weeks it makes me feel like I have to much air in my stomach maybe due to the amount of drags im doing a day maybe?

I guess the moral of the story and the reason for posting is I just need help, I thought I could quit and live a great lifestyle just on tablets so I could get some motivation but not a chance am I stopping now, I love sleep but that's only when I can get it.

If anyone has a strain specifically for mornings through to 3pm please but not too sativa dominant as for some reason it makes my body react in not the best of ways.

Could anyone recommend a good glass pipe to as I'm hearing they are better for people too.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm currently using Crown Royale for pain. It's not the best, but it gets me through the night. Bubba Hash. Granddaddy Purple, and Northern Lights have also been recommended for nighttime pain relief. I can't help with a daytime strain, so I'll follow along in case someone comes up with something. I only medicate through the night, as I can't chance being high during the day. I need to drive, and with legalization I definitely don't want to get caught over the limit.

I have just harvested Candida, and Cream & Cheese, but haven't tried them yet. I'm hoping the high CBD content may do the trick during the day.

I don't smoke it. I squeeze out the rosin, decarb it, mix it with oil and put it into capsules. It takes an hour or two to kick in, but knowing that, I can keep medicated day and night if I so choose. The same can be done with any of the Concentrated Cabbabis Oils (CCOs). I have an analysis kit coming so that I can mix and match strains to get exactly what I want consistently. It's another option for you if you want to keep off the glass. I'd hang onto the glass for a quick fix when you need instant relief.

Check out Hummingbird if you want a Nectar Collector or Glass Straw. They come highly recommended in Grandpa Tokin's rosin thread.


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Hello buddy I managed to get a OZ of some Blue Cheese and it's super smelly so I'm hoping it's strong too.

I know what you mean on only smoking during the night, I wish I could but I would prefer doing it with those capsules like you said, I could do that and probably measure doses out and have a grow run, I chance to visit the moon a few times like but it's all fun lol.

I found Super Lemon Haze worked well during the day but the Sativa side did make me shake a little, I'm growing Northern Lights x Big Bud at the moment and I have just planted some Cheese too, I love Northern Lights but it has a tendency to attract bud rot, but I do think that's down to how right the nugs can get.

Thanks I will try and get one of those pipes now, I don't really like smoking of I'm honest I even said that on the last run but I tend to change my mind 24/7 which I genuinely hate as my mind changes far to much due to anxiety and depression.

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I am in a position where I can medicate day or night. No drug testing for this old smoker. I have a Northern Lights that works wonders for a pain reliver as well as for sleeping. :thumb: For the day time something more uplifting, for me its White Widow x Big Bud, seems to get me going and keep me there all day. It increases creativity as well so a good bonus. I won the Perfect Pipe awhile back and it has become my go to. Well designed and a great smoker. Extremily easy to transport but you need a few of them, depending on your intake. Hope this helps because I sure know the feeling of no sleep due to the aches and pains that life has thrown my way.


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Thanks Teddy I will take a look at those too, think of seen a few reviews on those.

I'm hoping the Cheese in growing is good for days and NL x BB is good for nights but inhave decided to go back to edibles for a while as I think the smoke is causing chaos with my stomach.

Just wondering if anyone has any jelly baby recipes as I plan to try make 3 150 strength batches, thinking if I create oil and use it in 3rds, so for what ever mix I will find I will do a batch at 1/3rd cannabis olive oil to 2/3rds olive oil then 2/3rds cannabis oil and so on, thinking I could then freshen them during the day of this is how it could work.


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