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Medicinal Marijuana


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Medicinal Marijuana
What is the role of cannabis as a medicinal herb in our society?

We asked ourselves this question and we came to the shocking conclusion that still no decent provision has been made in the Netherlands!! There are some people trying to get something done and there may be some who supply to sick people, even at half the cost price! But ehh… as illegally as hell!?

European policy, a national policy, a backdoor politicy, a local policy, a policy of restricted allowance, a…???? Oh yes, we ALL have it!

But do we actually do anything for sick people?

It's true that until some years ago we didn't know that SO MUCH people are able to enjoy a better quality of life when they use marihuana while sick.
But now we know better!
And we are trying to find out what can be done about it!

Patients that cannot proof with reasonable facts that they are truly sick can not be helped by us! Please don't hesitate and see your doctor or specialist, we are sure they will take you seriously! Very soon you will find more information on this page and we will add links to sites in Holland where people are working on this problem.

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No Mercy Seeds
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