Medi's Multi Strain Perpetual Grow

Today I want to show off some Royal Gorilla. She started getting white way later than I expected but rather later than never.

She smell intensely of a gassy lemon earthy ginger. And as sticky as hell so she is True to the glue legend.
She is very light on the nutrients and I'm cutting my biobizz grow when I start with more molasses next week.


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It's been a while since I updated. The first amnesia was harvested first Pic is on chop day second is after dry trim no cure. It reaks of the lemon earthy scent super dense buds. This is my last run on biobizz but it was definitely worth it.

I moved the king Kong and silver lemon into flowering. They are on week 3 now and what can I say they look super. The silver lemon has the largest calax stretch I have seen in my life Pic 3. Already snow white I suspect this to my best one so far.the king Kong Pic 4 I have 2 phenos a super fruity one and then a floral lemon gassy one almost cheesy.

The critical daddy and black dog week 6 in flowering. Critical daddy Pic 5 and black dog Pic from the crit and black dog I started using general hydroponics 3 part parted with EM pro soil, GH booster, Calmag and armor si. I'm also planing on ordering kool bloom and flora nova any body have some experience?

The my last amnesia is 2 weeks from finished started flushing with molasses and last feeding of em pros oil to uptake all the last sugars. Pic 7 and 8 they only started swelling now I hope for a little bit more in the next two weeks. But they normally don't disappoint.

They rest of the pics is just a show of the tents pushing them to 110% at the moment. I also got a new 24000btu to keep my room cooler.


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Looking good brother man.

Balls to the wall hey

Thanks Brother. Pushing 110% out of the 2.4 x 1.2's at the moment, but still struggling with weight. Bud looking good bud only at 0.6g per watt. That was on the biobizz run. I really hope for the best come the critical daddy and black dog. They are salts in my soil mix and I must say so far so good. The critical actually stacks this time around.

Look at this

BLIMBURN - Critical daddy
Flowering 55 days
100% indica

This is what the plant looks like 5 of 5 beans. Did contact them and they said it looks sativa but performs like an indicaweird?


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There is actually no such thing as indica and sativa. Just indica and afghanica. You get NLD and WLD in indica. Check out google for an explanation on it. So I suppose Blimburn are on to something.

If using salts in flower with organic soil (I also do that), then aim for a lower EC of around 1.3
The black dog is going in week 6 of 10 day 41 of flowering day 50 of flipping.there is two phenos on this run both very much identical the one being whiter and the other one smelling more of a diesel. Erry where the white on is more a Fanta grape smell should there be a smell like that.


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Harvested the last amnesia yesterday. This is my last go at biobizz but I do feel I mastered it.

Pine earthy lemon that's all you smell.yet so unique in smell can't wait to press the trim to get some goodies out of her.

My next amnesia run Wil be in my soil mix with salts. Cant wait she is a absolute dream to grow.


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Started flushing my critical and black dog. The black dog is just wow two phenos one is much denser but less white and the other one dubbed white grape she is just wow strong grape diesel smell and just white as fuck.

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