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MedmanMike Celebrating 10th High-Brix Grow With Major Room & Equipment Upgrades


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Welcome to my grow journal!

This is my first journal and though I've been growing (the second time around) for the past five years, I've never posted a journal, so we'll see how this goes. LOL!

For some background, I'm a medical patient in a midwest state and currently have four patients I grow for. My first grow was in 1973. Yes, I'm old! I got back into growing because of a medical condition and am enjoying our wonderful plant once again.

To celebrate my 10th High Brix grow, I decided to make some major upgrades to the grow room. This includes "sealing" the room (for CO2), new intake fan, new environmental controller and the crowning addition - a new SPYDRx Plus grow light from Fluence Bio-enginering. I will be posting pics, descriptions, etc. as time goes on.

I feel fortunate that I discovered Doc Bud's High Brix method during my first grow. I had already planted so I was unable to use his soil mix, but I incorporated his nutrient line from the get go. My first grow room was underneath the basement steps. The area was enclosed as it was previously used to house the well (until it went dry) and pump for our underground sprinkling system. The space has a dirt (sand) floor, was insulated and it worked well for three grows. I purchased a 6 unit CFL fixture which I doubled the capacity with "y" adaptors and ran 12 100w (26w actual) mix of 2700K and 6500K bulbs. I located a used C.A.P Air 3 controller for $75, added a four inch fan and filter that exhausted to the outside and was in business.

I quickly outgrew that space and then built a 10' x 12' room in a corner of the basement. I insulated the walls and ceiling, caulked every crack I could find, etc. and moved the existing equipment over. I added a larger exhaust fan and filter, intake fan, two DormGrow LED 450s and 90W booster (Red) lights and used the CFL fixture to supplement. This room worked out well, but as hard as I tried I couldn't get it sealed so come flower time, oders leaked into the basement and occasionally up into the house. I also wanted to add CO2, which led me to my current upgrade.

In future posts I will document the room layout, upgrades, new equipment, etc. and detail my current grow.

I hope you will join me!


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OH Yeah!!! Finally a first row seat! No more sitting in the back flicking my Bic! I'm in if you'll have me. I promise to be good!


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Gonna grab a chair Mike. Thanks for having me buddy.

I also just upgraded to the Spydrx Plus in my grow tent. I am loving the light. Just got the dimmer switch in, need to install it still though. Good luck!


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I need to cover a 4x4 tray with bloom spec. Right now I'm running 5x P300's that each pull 189w ea on bloom spectrum. So, I'm pulling just under 1000w from the wall. Heat isn't an issue as I'm able to maintain recommended range as it currently is. However, if I can use one of the new SPYDRx Plus lights to cover the same 4x4 tray at only 695w, then I should have slightly lower temps and use less kwh in the process. It ONLY becomes an upgrade if the quality + density is equal to or better than I currently get...which is pretty spectacular tbh.

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Well I can tell you that the coverage from the Spydrx Plus is incredible. The design is amazing too. I love that if I have a diode go out, I can simply unplug the specific light rail that is out and send it in for a replacement. So you still have 7/8ths of your power and can keep running.

The spydrx does get a little bit warm if you don't have a fan and filter bringing in air. With good ventilation I generally reside about 78-80 degrees. My issue is that my RH is on the low side so I close the door to the room to keep the RH up a little. Temp jump up another couple degrees when I do that. But if I open the door or open a window...the temp drops back to 78-80 degrees again.

The P300s.....are those from advanced platinum? I was looking at the bigger versions of their stuff......just decided that it was tough to compete with the Spydrx. Now time will tell if the production is as high as people report (many growers using them pull between 1.5 and 2.1 gpw. I would love to see that range.


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Welcome everyone-glad to have you aboard!

First, an overview of the Grow Room:

• 10' x 12', 7 ½' ceilings, cement floor, outside (poured) wall
• walls are drywall with reflective paint
• walls and ceiling are insulated and every crack, crevice and gap caulked
• exhaust fan is a Vortex 6" with a Phresh carbon filter (see pic)
• intake fan is also a Vortex 6" with a 8" Shroom hepa filter (located in adjacent space - see pic)
• 16" wall mounted and 12" floor fans
• run of the mill humidifier, dehumidifier and small ceramic heater
• ip infrared camera for remote monitoring

The intake fan/filter is located in the stairwell adjacent to the grow room. This room also doubles as my "drying" room. The space is outfitted with a 4" exhaust fan with a Phresh filter vented outside . Two 6" dia. PCV connectors can be seen in the bottom of the pic for "fresh" (basement air). Additional insect screen added on the intake side of the PVC connectors.

I do not have any supplemental cooling. Winters are not a problem. Summers in West Michigan can be! The house has central A/C so the basement will get in the low 60s when it runs a lot. So far, I've been able to keep the temp. in range just with the intake/exhaust fans, heater, etc.. In the summer, I will often open a basement window during the night to cool the basement and subsequently the grow room. The plan is to add a mini-split in time. I typically run fewer plants, and therefore lights, in the summer.

More later.
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