Mendo Purps

Bruce Wheelman

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Strain Name: (Mendo) Purps

From: Trinity Gardens Collective

When: March 2010

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid

Price: Free Sample

Looks: Frosty, light green bud with long light orange hairs.

Smell: Fresh and mild lemon/citrus scent - very similar to OG Kush.

Taste: The smoke is smooth and tastes like to smell. Some expansion that got me hacking on one “over-toke”.

Buzz Type: This provided a nice “floaty” buzz - letting my mind wander and ponder. Also felt a bit of muscle relaxation - but nowhere near couch lock.

Buzz Length: Medium – the buzz lasted for around 2 hours and then faded without me really noticing.

Best Medicinal Use: Mood improvement and mild relaxation.

Overall: Gotta love being known as a Cannabis connoisseur - here’s another free sample I got to “taste and report back”. This bud had a really nice cerebral high that lent itself to a multi-hour laugh-fest after 2 friends and I smoked a fat joint. A great uplifting/euphoric buzz.




Bruce Wheelman

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Jan 2011 Update

From: River Valley Collective

When: Jan 2011

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Price: $95/quarter oz

Looks: Nicely covered in crystals, dense light to medium green nugs with purple highlights.

Smell: Like Smucker's Grape jelly mixed with a sweet spice

Taste: Nice, light, and sweet — like grape juice spiced w/cinnamon & nutmeg

Buzz Type: Euphoric cerebral high combined with a bit of body relaxation.

Buzz Length: Long — I was high for just over 2 hours.

Best Medicinal Use: Mood improvement, social gatherings, and physical sensation.

Overall: I love a good laugh, and Mendo Purps always delivers! This is another batch of frosty nugs from River Valley Collective. This strain consistently provides an upbeat, euphoric high with good taste and typically good looks. The cerebral part of the high can border on trippy/psychedelic as it tends to increase sensory perception. Great for getting together with friends to enjoy a long chat and laugh or taking in a movie, hike, bike, or video game. This strain also "made my wife's clothes fall off" one evening due to her enhanced I guess it's great for sex too.





Bruce Wheelman

Legal Advisor
420 Staff
Strain Name: Mendo Purps

From: River Valley Collective

When: June 2011

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Price: $95/quarter oz

Looks: Frosty light green nugs with some purple coloring and lots of orange hairs

Smell: Sweet and fresh

Taste: A very sweet tasting smoke with a bit of grape flavoring to the exhale

Buzz Type: Cerebral and spacy

Buzz Length: 2 hours +/-

Best Medicinal Use: General mood improvement and depression

Overall: Yet another great batch of Mendo Purps, providing all the upbeat cerebral effects I've come to expect and enjoy from this strain. Mendo Purps is one of my favorite anti-depression strains, as I always get a nice upbeat cerebral buzz that I tend to prefer to be with friends for. It just seems that the buzz lends itself to a more social setting, and it doesn't hurt that I usually end up with sore cheeks from laughing/smiling so much after smoking Mendo Purps. Of note, these nugs were MUCH denser than the ones from the "Purps" I recently reviewed. So, given the nice look, taste, smell...and consistently good buzz...I give this a solid "A" for my review.











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Going to try that one of these days!


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Must Say Awesome Pics Mate. Thanks for the share. Thanks for posting this information too. Looking forward for some more great posts from your end.


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Very nice. Enjoy this variety of "Purps", it works great for pain, stress and eating disorders. I would suggest that consume this medicine as a vaporizer for maximum benefits, as this is a balanced decent hybrid strain of (sativa/indica).


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Mendocino Purps began as a clone-only plant among the medical marijuana community of Mendocino County. This scrumptious purple plant is tasty looking and smelling, with deep purple coloring and a frosting of resin. The flavors are soothing and tantalizing, lingering pleasurably on the tongue. The Purps high soars into a long lasting haze of playful euphoria. It produces an active, awake feeling with a very low burnout factor. A nice antidote for depression, these rich flavored buds turn the blues into the Purps.
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