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Mental Illness & Weed~~


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I'm bi-polar schizo-effective~~1 reason why I get medical weed~~my life has
improved so much since I started smokin weed~~an that wasn't til my late
30's that I discovered how much I liked it~~an how much it helped me~~
now everyday is so much less stress~free since I met my wife almost 4yrs ago
on the internet~~we both decided to get legal~~it was the best descion
we made:smokin: weed also helps my stomach & insomnia~~we make our
own cannabutter~~so I get to ingest THC too~~I'm happy to say I
no longer suffer from depression~~sumthin that was part of me for
years~~I now feel free:439:
PEACE OUT~~:cool027:


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I just posted a long article on this very subject. I suffer from mental illness and find marijuana to be a miracle medicine. I wrote about in the medical forums, or you can just

Click Here

I tried to write about my own personal experience, but I also did some commentary on the mental health industry's opinion of medical marijuana for the mentally ill. It's a tough subject.

Take care,
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