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Mentally challenged newbie seeks ventilation advice


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This is my first time grow, and I am starting with a 2 x 4 x 7 grow tent in a closet. It has a intake hole on the left bottom side and two exhaust holes on the top (an elbow shaped one and a straight one). My light is 400w HD/HPS.

I've really tried to do my homework, but my illness adversely affects my brain!

So, I'm trying to design a ventilation system, so I can get this buggah up and running! So, I understand that lower is intake and top is exhaust. I'm not sure if a passive intake will be okay, since there isn't a lot of room between the grow tent's wall and the wall in the closet. I'm thinking maybe a S shaped light trap with matte black paint?

My light has a simple reflector, so there isn't any hole to put the ducting around my light (like so many other grow pics I've seen). Is the elbow vent to vent to light?

I'm not sure how to do the exhaust venting. Does it go: Tent vent to ducting to fan to ducting to carbon scrubber? Or Tent vent to fan to ducting to carbon filter? My dad is helping me cut a hole in the ceiling to vent straight up to the attic (quality time with Pops!). I would greatly appreciate any ideas, input, etc.

P.S. I germinated some seeds. A few are three weeks past germination. They have 3 sets of leaves, but are super pinner and fragile. When do I transplant to 4 inch grow bags?


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Hey localgirl, welcome to 420 magazine...

First off I would recommend starting a grow journal here, with details, pics..etc... This will allow you to share your grow with others here on the forum, and we all can chime in and help along the way... Here is how to start..


Now to answer your question.... I have a very similar sized tent. What I found was best for me:

Your air flow will go like this..: Hot air from tent gets sucked into scrubber...scrubber mounted to fan (ducting inbetween) on top of tent (inside), fan is blowing out of tent, thru ducting..up thru hole and into attic.. I found that you shouldn't need an intake fan, because Negative pressure will suck cool air into the lower vent's on your tent... If you do not have lower vents, then just run some ducting from outside, up to higher vent hole, and down to lower portion of your tent..

This photo is from my tent... I have 2 scrubbers so only pay attention to the one on the left (looking at the photo). Notice it goes, scrubber, ducting, fan(blowing out tent), ducting, out to room

Hope this helps.. :)
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