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Hi, would like to have a mentor who can give me top tips to get the good harvest of my new projects that I never worked with auto seeds or led lights earlier :)

I have previously grown with HPS and got quite a good harvest, but wanted to do something new and also want to develop.

thought to run on the new 2014 way that everyone is talking about! :)

large harvest very quickly.

LED + AUTO seeds ..

for both point lights and auto seeds have come very far, and maybe it's time to jump on the train
have a tent at 300cm * 300cm * 200 with 4 1200w 4800W total led lights.

then I also have 2 tent at 240cm * 240cm * 200cm but wondering if I should do hydro on one of them or what to do with them ..

I want to develop in growing and want to grow big because that's what attracts me.

want to learn all the little tricks and what is the proper nutrition, etc.

for even if I succeed in cultivation before.

I am far from being perfected and hope you might be able to be my mentor and give me some more lessons so that I once in the future may do the same for someone else.

I want to learn everything from the right seeds for point lights to
soil hydro and much more ...

thinking of running auto seeds by dutchdesign passion but can change :)

the truth is I just want a mentor who takes me through this project and who can teach me a lot more when it comes to farming and hope this mentor can be there also in future crops.

I read a lot about everything myself already but want help and support and advice from a mentor to ask for things.

I like to get criticism for criticism's good for me. for criticism develops me as a person and as a grower.

I figured I could learn from you and avoid making the same mistakes you made instead of making them the mistakes you've made all by myself :)

if you want to be my mentor I follow your farming schedule and take them the seeds you say and listen to all your advice.

I am then your disciple simply :)

and we can have daily contact and I will take me time to learn.

if you want to be my mentor and help me please write to me :)

best regards


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Re: Mentor ?

hello and welcome
i am not strong enough in knowledge to be a mentor, sorry
i do wish you good fortune and bump your post so that the elders might see
take care and good luck


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Hi emilsson59 and welcome to :420: :welcome:

I suggest starting a grow and a grow journal and lots of people will see what you are doing. Most likely there will be one or two who takes an interest in your style and offers you advice. I got a lot of help from LightAddict myself when I started, plus at least a half-dozen others who would give me advice when I had problems. I don't run autos simply because I like to have more control over size and timing.

If you'd like any tips on navigating and using the site I suggest checking out the New Member Start Links thread. And if you have any questions the FAQs forum will usually get the quickest results.


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