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Meriden MS Sufferer Lives As A Criminal To Ease Her Pain With Cannabis


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Every time Sarah Martin hears a knock at the door she fears the police have come to take her away.

Because the 40 year-old is forced to break the law every day, just to make her life bearable.

Sarah uses cannabis to ease the crippling pain caused by her multiple sclerosis, better known as MS.

Despite her fear of prosecution she has become a leading campaigner for legalising medicinal cannabis use.

Sarah, from Meriden, said: "The worst side effect of having MS is being forced to live as a criminal."

"Every time someone knocks on the door you think it could be the police. That anxiety has a big impact on my health.

"But the best legal medication carries a one in 600 chance of death. I prefer my chances of being arrested to risking my life."

Sarah uses a gram of herbal cannabis every day to ease the crippling bolts of pain, spasms and fatigue which blight every waking moment.

The former media worker normally uses a simple inhaler to breathe in the fumes, only resorting to smoking 'joints' when the pain is worst.

But she is not ashamed of breaking the law — she even wears a badge on her hat bearing the legend, Nice People Take Drugs.

Sarah was diagnosed with MS in 2003. Her doctor advised using diet, yoga and herbal remedies to relieve her symptoms but never discussed the 'C word' with her.

She said: "A friend recommended cannabis to me so I went on the internet to find out more and read it was the best medicine for MS.

"Cannabis is everywhere on the streets but it's extremely difficult to make your first contact if you're not young or part of that scene."

Starting to take cannabis initially put huge pressure on Sarah's relationship with her partner, Trevor.

Now they try not to worry about the possibility of Sarah getting arrested and campaign publicly for medicinal cannabis to be legalised.

At first she completed sponsored walks 'stoned' to raise awareness and cash for unrelated charities but this took a heavy toll on her health.

So she went to Amsterdam to film herself talking about her plight.

Since then her campaign has taken her to the Houses of Parliament and led to meetings with police chiefs who told her they hated wasting resources harassing sick patients.

Sarah said: "MS sufferers are too scared to speak out. They think if they sign a petition or write to their MP they will end up in jail.

"There are 40,000 people with MS who need to use cannabis every day and we should be allowed to have our say."

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