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Grow Journal of the Month: Nov 2016 - Grow Journal of the Year: 2016
Wus up, Captain Kronic. Bro I checked out your members gallery photos, and from those who love to grow I salute you. Awsum pics dude I love your plants , I love your place, I want your life lol. Outstanding just had to let you know Im jellous. Hopefully your friend lembatoast.

Captain Kronic

Member of the Month: July 2011
Thank you for the kind words my friend... none of those plants/pics would have been possible w/out the pioneers that have paved the way through personal sacrifice for the rest of us... like 420 Mag forum :adore:
I work very hard to (attempt to bring) honor those who have taken the time to pass on the their knowledge.
I am humbled :Namaste:

Captain Kronic

Member of the Month: July 2011
Bubble bags... I only used the tightest (most triched) bud leaf and then only ran them through 3 washes after pulling them out of the freezer, breaks the tricks off rather than smashing them.

I want to convert an old/or new (full size) washing machine, the one I used was miniature and took longer than I had patience for LOL!
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