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Methadone Bill Requires Tests For Marijuana

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INDIANAPOLIS - Methadone clinics would be more strictly regulated and patients would undergo marijuana testing under legislation the Indiana House passed and sent to Gov. Mitch Daniels yesterday.

Rep. Steve Stemler, the bill's sponsor, said the drug-testing provisions could reduce the number of patients at the Southern Indiana Treatment Center in Clark County and at other methadone clinics located along the state's borders.

He said many patients leave their home states -- where marijuana testing is required -- to come to Indiana's clinics. "This will make a huge impact," said Stemler, D-Jeffersonville. "I feel confident that will happen."

The Clark County clinic is the state's second largest, serving nearly 2,000 patients in 2005. About two-thirds of those patients came from Kentucky. In all, Indiana's methadone clinics serve more than 10,000 patients annually, with more than half coming from other states.

The final version of Senate Bill 157, which passed the House 89-0, does not include an earlier amendment that would have required the clinic's patients to have a designated driver after their appointments. The Senate earlier approved the legislation.

Stemler had sought the requirement, saying that the federal Food and Drug Administration puts methadone -- which is used to treat addictions to heroin, OxyContin and other drugs -- in the same classification as those medicines used for outpatient surgeries or procedures.

In those cases, hospitals or medical centers require designated drivers. But Stemler said yesterday that the proposal proved too controversial and was deleted from the bill. At the time that amendment was considered, Tim Bohman, regional manager for CRC Health, which owns the Clark County center, told lawmakers that patients have a high tolerance for opiates and therefore can function normally after a treatment.

SB 157 also requires the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration to pass new rules to regulate methadone clinics and requires state approval for all patients who would receive more than 14 take-home doses of the drug.

Patients who test positive for marijuana would lose the right to have the popular take-home doses. That means they would have to go to the clinic daily to receive their methadone.

The bill also gives Family and Social Services new authority to fine clinics that do not follow state rules.

Source: Courier Journal, Louisville, KY
Copyright: 2008, Courier Journal, Louisville, KY
Contact: Reporter Lesley Stedman Weidenbener, (317) 444-2780
Website: Methadone bill requires tests for marijuana

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Such a stupid decision! We would rather you be a he@#*n addict than to smoke cannabis?


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Who allows this kind of crap to happen? WE DO!!!!!!
YES WE DO! It is the people of the united states of america that allows crap like this to go on as if it is the norm. Oh shit, it is the norm. I just pinched myself and I am not dreaming, this shit does happen every day! Hummmm
I think that we should set up a collection for donations to start a poll online where we can collect votes to send in to our governing authoritys when they are not doing there job, so they will know that the people are on to them.
How much could it cost to set up something like this? American idol has a system set up to take votes, why can't we set up something like that to take votes, take signatures online, there has to be a way for the people to come together more quikly and to confirm what the majority vote. there will be some very miserable sick people if this crap goes through. People will go back to drugs if this happens and the counselours at the clinics must know this. Come on people we can not let this happen to these people, they need americas help and is we can not pull together to help them, it's getting pretty damn bad.
Who can set up an account to collect donations?


I've been on and off methadone for 40 years and they've always tested for marijuana.I have no idea why but then I have no idea why they will allow someone to be addicted to methadone for the rest of their lives but god help you if you do anything else.Methadone is such an addictive drug and your tolerance skyrockets really quickly.I know I'm going to hear all the lame ass shit about 24 hour no needles but that's bull.People with all kinds of diseases use needles daily with no problems.It's just another of those inconsistencies that fill the drug war annals.If a person needs to take methadone.Marijuana is the least of their problems.Trust me on this one.I know of that which of I speak.I'm currently on a 24 hour morphine for back pain.Unfortunately,it only works for 12.I guess it works out cause I've only 1/2 a spine left as well.:11:
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