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Mg issues?


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Strain - Snow Ryder (auto fem)
# of Plants - 1
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Bloom (8 wks young)
Bucket Size - 2 gal
Lights - (3) t5 biax 2-2700k & 1-6500k over top, 2 23w-27k and 2 23w-65k on side (all cfl)
Nutrients - Grow & Bloom (DynaGrow)
Medium - 25% Perlite 75% FOF
PH - 6.5
RH - 40% to50%
Cab Temperature -80 to 88
Solution Temperature -
Room Square Footage - 16" x 26" x 34"tall
Pests - None Known

Soil runoff ph was in the 6.0 range last checked. Eight weeks into my first grow. Plant was fed veg four times and bloom once. Stopped feeding since this cropped up. I think its maybe a Mg issue? Any ideas?



Thanks in advance.
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Captain Kronic

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I've never done autos but, they are not in veg at all, they are fully flowering and by the looks I would say they are about done. I can't see the trichs well enough to be sure.
How long have they been flowering... at the least 7 or 8 weeks I would guess.

Need to know what your plant date was... this strain is a 10 week from seed to finish!

And yes, this could be Mg but also could be a Ca problem... cheers!


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Hi Captain, the plants are about 8 weeks young. The trichs, as best I can see (30x), look like mushrooms and are still clear. I was guessing (pure guess) that I am about 1-2 weeks til harvest. I have watered with phed water mixed with 1 tsp epsom salt/gal water to clear up the issues. Once. It is due for another watering tomorrow Sat.

This was the last seed out of 5. The others all had germ/sprout issues. This plant took a while to germ and sprout.

I have a short rider and a speed devil sprouting now in a pc case I made for veging. They both germed and sprouted alot quicker/easier then my Snowryder.

Thx for the input
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