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MI. Caregiver & Patient - some advice please


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I'm still fairly new as a grower for my patients and myself. Yet I find myself in a position to make big changes due to our moving into a new home. In MI. I can grow for 5 people, 12 plants each for a total of 60 plants. That is a lot of herb to say the least. How big would you configure your grow room to handle 60 plants in soil? Currently I am growing 60 Day Wonder, a great autflower (see attached photos). They will be grown in 3 gal. square pots, each plant is somewhat bushy, not very tall (1.5 -2 feet) and produce around an ounce of dried bud per plant (give or take a few grams). So in theory 60 plants might yield 50+ dried ounces in around 63 days from sprout to harvest.

Currently I have a 400 watt digital ballast & bulbs, 1000 watt digital ballast & bulbs, plus 12 CFL ranging from 300 watt to 700 watt purchased online, not your standard CFL's at all. This strain requires no special light cycle so 18/6 or 12/12 is fine from start to finish.

So any advice on room dimensions is appreciated, strain advice, experience with other auto flower strains is deeply appreciated.

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