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Michigan - Bills Allowing Industrial Hemp Research Move Forward In State Legislature


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Researchers would be able to look into industrial uses for hemp under legislation in the state Senate.

Growing hemp is illegal in the United States due to its similarities to marijuana. But the new federal Farm Bill opens up opportunities for industrial research.

Supporters hope the bills will help dispel misconceptions about hemp.

"If you're uneducated about the issue, industrial hemp and marijuana are two totally different things," said Sen. Joe Hune, R-Hamburg, who chairs a legislative panel that approved the bills Thursday.

"The level or amount of THC in industrial hemp is miniscule."

Supporters of House Bills 5449 and 5440 say hemp represents a more environmentally friendly way to produce a wide variety of industrial products.

"Hopefully the federal government will do it sometime soon as well to allow folks to grow it and propagate industrial hemp for all the products that people see fit," said Hune.

The state House passed the bills almost unanimously. They now go to the full Senate.

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Source: CMU Public Broadcasting
Author: Jake Neher
Contact: CMU Public Broadcasting
Website: Bills allowing industrial hemp research move forward in state Legislature | CMU Public Radio News
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