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Michigan Growers Unite!


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Hey there, from somewhere in Lapeer County!
I agree with what was said above about the historical quality and quantity of weed in this area, but my memory goes back to the 70s, where everything was really reeeeeeeeeeeeelly expensive shake or something beyond anyone's price range. Once, only one time did I taste something 'strong', it was called 'The Bomb' and I had one or two grams of it. Sat in a parking lot with my girlfriend in the dead of night and tried it. We both got the sensation of falling out of an airplane....lmao. Never forget it.
But everything up here was hoarded, no one wanted to sell, hardly wanted to share. Everytime any older folks talked about 'pushers' and so forth we laughed, no one pushed anything, they hoarded, period. Even now.
The only possible exception now are the old Vietnam war dudes with 'seeds they smuggled back' and are still growing, and it is pretty damned awful.
Met a big time dude from Mexico in 78 that was distributing once, too. Hung around all day, dangerously so I might add, but by the time I got the hell out of there I still didn't have any. I gave up. Time for a revolution I say, a chicken in every pot and some 'pot' in every household that wants it. (I find the term pot derogatory but it fits the saying, lol).
Welcome @Althegardener2 ! I can only imagine how things were back then, I heard good and bad stories about cannabis from back in the day. That era definitely had better music though! Glad everyone in Michigan can now enjoy it recreationally


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Greetings fellow Michigander’s. Bill here from the Ann Arbor area. Very new grower. Just switched my indoor grow to flower 12 days ago. Starting my first outdoor grow with these girls Friday in central Michigan. The pic is before I switched. You can see how the seedlings have grown. Stretching really nice. We post new pic soon. So good it’s legal. Good luck and good growing everyone :yummy:
Welcome aboard @WilliamJBud !

Looking good, definitely bushing out a bunch! How long did you veg them?
Be careful with bringing bugs in and keep your humidity high during veg (not an issue during spring/summer in michigan)


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Yea that's the big one I've been wondering about as well. We voted for per person. Not per household. Are my wife an I allowed 10.5oz or 21oz kind of a big difference and drastically changes there required production schedule. I was considering running into town for it later tonight it's only 30 minutes away, I'll just roll some blunts
The question that was on the ballot and listed as Prop #1 was a very short version of the actual proposal. The full proposal is long, very long, and is supposed to be about 18 pages long if printed out. The state committee that is responsible for putting together the ballot that appears in the voting booth is required to create a short synopsis of the proposal that cannot be over a certain length by word count.

I ran into the same confusion about the plant limit. The TV news stations kept saying 12 per person but when reading the newspapers or listening to radio news programs it was 12 per house. Will the number of plants allowed by non-commercial growers end up in court? Real good chance, I figure. Are couples being discriminated against when limited to 12 plants when a single person living by himself is allowed 12? We could go round and round about that one and get nowhere.

The way I see it is that the voter is supposed to have done some research before entering the voting booth. Most of them do not and I was one of them. I had every intention of reading the entire proposal, all 18 plus pages of it, but did not get around to doing that until after the election, actually after reading the questions on this thread several months ago. I am still digesting what is there. The actual proposal is a real doozy. I suggest everyone find a copy on the web and read it, probably several times. Most of it does cover commercial aspects but there is still plenty for the recreational user and grower.

The full proposal covers the question about the amount or weight of dried flowers that a hobby grower can have in the house. It is not part of the 10.5 ounces that most people think is the limit. My first couple of readings say that we are limited to 10.5 ounces of legally purchased or gifted marijuana but there is no limit to how much we keep stored if we grew it ourselves. It looks like it was deliberately worded to cover those who grow plants that produce many ounces instead of a few grams.

Some TV and radio stations have the full proposal available and easy to find.

The governor announced that the state has issued some emergency rules concerning the recreational sales. I noticed short blurbs on the morning news about this but since today is a holiday most people will not catch it. A search on a web search engine using:
Michigan recreational marijuana update
will find the latest info.

Have fun.


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Thanks for that update. I've been wracking my brains trying to figure out how to stay under any limit of what I'm growing. If the limit was 10.5 ounces and I jar up a few plants am I gifting away the rest and how would I do that and to whom? Really confusing, depending on what you read. If there isn't a grow your own limit on what's stored that definitely changes everything, especially since I'm going for a perpetual grow. Now keeping my cuttings and having standing plants and staying under 12, that's a bit tricky.


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I was hoping that someone else has read the proposition that was put on the ballot. Just want to be sure that others agree with the weight limit only affecting those who legally purchase or receive recreational marijuana.

As it is, some of what was on the proposition is already headed back to the ballot in selected cities, towns and/or villages.


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I haven't re-read the law lately but as a recreational toker and grower I was pleased with what I voted on. Don't know about the rest of u folks but 12 plants at any given time is plenty for me - even with just 12 plants I'll be too stoned to just take care of what I'm growing :lot-o-toke:


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12 plants is great. But the lack of clarification will result in too many people in trouble over it.

Is it twelve per household or 12 per 21+yr old adult?

A house growing 12 plants ea on an indoor rotation for Gramms, Mom, Dad, and Junior all go to prison because they have four times the number of plants allowed?
But if they all had a separate address they'd be ok?
Grow size restrictions that directly discriminate against multigenerational households would screw over a lot of people nowadays.

Possession limit is my concern. I harvest more than 10.5 ounces. Anyone that grows 12 plants outside should certainly harvest at least 12 ounces. Especially if you have to wait another year to harvest, that's less than an ounce per month.

I've heard but cannot verify, the 10.5 ounces only applies to stuff bought from a dispo. But what's to stop you from dumping store bought weed in a jar and calling it homegrown at that point?

The math doesn't add up, some people are going to get into trouble over it and the government will laugh about it as they collect the taxes, fines, and licensing fees.


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looks like 12 plants per premises to me - grandma goes to the slammer; does not pass go; does not collect $200

(b) within the person's residence, possessing, storing, and processing not more than 10 ounces of marihuana and any marihuana produced by marihuana plants cultivated on the premises and cultivating not more than 12 marihuana plants for personal use, provided that no more than 12 marihuana plants are possessed, cultivated, or processed on the premises at once;

10 oz + 12 plants is a lot of weed to me; harvest one - plant another - always have 12 growing. I for one am happy as a pig in shit that I can indulge without worrying about being busted!


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Right. But according to this interview with a criminal defense attorney if you grow it yourself you can store as much as you want. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.metrotimes.com/detroit/a-weed-attorney-clears-the-air-about-michigans-confusing-cannabis-laws/Content?oid=21390433&media=AMP+HTML

My wife and I (and any friends that stop by) smoke in average an oz and a half a week. Assuming a 12 week harvest cycle which is pretty quick. We would need to be able to store 18 oz. So per household were in trouble, per person were fine. But even at 10 ozs per person we couldn't do one yearly outdoor harvest using free sun and rain as opposed to loading up the electrical grid more. I understand that we are heavier users than most but still less than others.

My 4*4 tent yields 20+ zips each harvest, again putting us over a per household limit. Now add in all the hash and oil from trim and don't forget the butter. See ya in 10-20.

To be ridiculous: if we bought a second home and pay more taxes could we then grow 12 plants and store 10 ozs in both homes?

No set of laws will ever work for every situation I understand that. Until it's decriminalized or at least regulated more closely to tobacco and alcohol people that have not harmed anyone will end up in trouble over it.


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So much clarification to do, man I hope they speak with and listen to real people and home growers. They need to understand all the dynamics of growing and storing. If they don't take everything into consideration then it's just willful ignorance with all the growers out there across the states. I'm pretty sure they managed to make decent rules that allow home brewing after having listened to home brewers.


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It's nice to see other Michigan peeps.
I'll be stalking your grows now. :thumb::popcorn::51:

MI area: Central Area.
Grow set up: 3x3 tent in the basement.
Grow medium: Soil, Happy Frog.
Favorite strain: To be determined. (I'm new at this)
Favorite edible: Gummies!!
Hobbies: Drawing, DnD, Bowling, Fishing and Cars.

:welcome: Tiny. I'm in the central part of the state as well.


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Right. But according to this interview with a criminal defense attorney if you grow it yourself you can store as much as you want. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.metrotimes.com/detroit/a-weed-attorney-clears-the-air-about-michigans-confusing-cannabis-laws/Content?oid=21390433&media=AMP+HTML
That is what I have read written by a person who was in the group that got the proposal on the ballot and was one of the people that spearheaded getting it on the ballot. Deliberately worded it so that if you grow it yourself there is no limit to how much you can store. Buy it and there is a limit.

The limit is 12 plants per household. No ambiguity over that. It is a limit.

Let's say that Grampa and Granma plus the kid and his wife all live in the same household and decide to grow 12 plants each. If they get caught no one goes to prison under the new Michigan law the way I read the ballot and the bits I have heard. Basically the proposal decriminalized the hobby grower. Get caught growing some large number of plants per household four or more times and then the story will change.

The way I see it, if we stay away from attempting to be a commercial operation without getting state and local licenses and paying appropriate fees then we are hobby growers. Go a bit overboard and the fine is minimal; I am not sure if it is treated any worse than a jaywalking ticket, kinda like a civil infraction and not even a misdemeanor until around the 4th or 5th offense.

A great day in southeast Michigan, low humidity, low temps and bright sun, good time to get some gardening done. Enjoy the day.


Hey Michigan growers, my name's Scott new to the forum. Let me throw out my information

MI area: macomb county
Grow set up: Indoor basement 4x4 tent and 2x4 tent
Grow medium: Coco and not sure what you called but just started the recirculating into grodan slabs
Favorite strain: I'm more of an Indica kind of guy because I smoke more in the evening but gluecifer strain seems like a nice one so far
Favorite edible: never had one
Favorite team/sport/university: I like my local teams. also Temple University because my parents went there.
Hobbies: woodworking, fishing, now growing.
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