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Michigan Vote Puts Legal Medical Marijuana on Wisconsin's Doorstep


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
On Nov. 4, voters in the state of Michigan overwhelmingly approved Proposition 1, making Michigan the 13th U.S. state to protect patients using medical marijuana from arrest and jail. In the process, Michigan voters saw through the lies and fear mongering of the opposition, including federal, state and local officials, and instead chose compassion and scientific fact.

IMMLY salutes Michigan voters for their compassionate decision. We believe that if the Wisconsin Constitution allowed citizens to place initiatives on the ballot, like Michigan and some other states, medical marijuana would easily pass in Wisconsin. Polling has established strong popular support for medical cannabis in Wisconsin, and without an initiative process, state residents must depend on state lawmakers to reflect that public support.

The American Nurses Association, Wisconsin Nurses Association, the American and Wisconsin Public Health Associations, American College of Physicians, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the American Academy of HIV Medicine and many other professional health care organizations have endorsed therapeutic cannabis.

Despite popular support, state medical cannabis legislation has failed to progress out of committee because of purely political reasons. Residents of the 13 states where medical cannabis is now legal are not unlike those of Wisconsin, and we call on the new Wisconsin Legislature to act quickly to protect patients with compassionate legislation like that passed by Michigan, when lawmakers convene the new session in January 2009.

Is My Medicine Legal YET? is a Mondovi and Madison Wisconsin based grass roots patient and caregiver organization dedicated to advancing public education about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. For further information contact Jacki Rickert at 715.926.4950 or Gary Storck at 608.241.8922 or visit the IMMLY website at I.M.M.L.Y. - Is My Medicine Legal YET?.

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