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Micro LED PC Grow - First Ever Grow

So today i thought i would share with you my pc grow box, before anyone starts firing shots at me i know i will not harvest much from doing it this way but for me i do not have anywhere to throw a tent up ( parents ).

I bought a .cit gaming case .30w led full spectrum grow light .power supply with 2 uk pin plugs & 4 usb insertions .2 usb pc fans .reflective myler & a heat / humidity gage.

Im using miracle grow soil along with fox farm nutes -
The strain i'm doing is mr kripplings chocolate orange auto ( feminised )

Here are some pictures to follow up ..

Thanks - i will be changing light fitting once she grows taller - currently in the lst stage atm so i can try and get maximum harvest using such a small space - it's in my bedroom - leakes a little light but i'm on to that by using a torn up black tshirt. Fans are reasonably quiet


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Absolutely buddy, I just couldn’t imagine burnin down my parents house! Or any house for that matter haha. Just looking out. Nice little stealth box you got going on. Are your parents aware of your experiment and just want you to keep it low key? Or do you need full stealth to fly below their radar? Sorry just curious lol
They have no idea - they know i smoke weed and are open to talk about it as i use it as a medicine for personal health reason - meds what the docs gave me were making me worse & physically sick & they could see that - without weed my mind turns instantly & they have also witnessed this forehand - my room always smells but not to the point the house stinks ( non smokeing parents ) - sooo its 60 odd days of pure stealthyness - i would hate to find out what they would do if they were to catch me lol.


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Well be careful, I hate to condone you going against your parents but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t the same way while at home. As soon as I got enough hours flipping fast food burgers I got a little apartment with a decent closet. Being poppin beans in the dirt ever since (without sneaking around my parents haha) my mom would’ve had my nuts on the chopping block if she found my little stealth box I played with back then. Haha so tread lightly my friend. With that being said, I’ve seen a lot of badass Bonsia tree LST masterpieces come out of those PC boxes.. it can absolutely be done.


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Looking great. Keep it up I'm interested in how you going I keep that auto in there and with that pot size I know my roots get huge I exclusively grow autos check out this auto she's begging her 10th week
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