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I found a need to move beyond my jeweler's loupe to something with variable magnification. I started with a Carson Microbrite Plus 60X - 120X. I tested it out and just wasn't diggin' it. Really jaggered my buzz.

So, I found a Jiusion Digital Microscope. Very cool product but the base leaves a little to be desired. Nothing that can't be fixed though. The good far out weigh it. It has a thumb wheel on the cord to adjust the led lights around the lens. It magnifies from 40X to 1000X. I wish I had gotten the 40X to 200X as I'll have no need from that much magnification but I didn't see the other models when I ordered it. It connects via usb to Android, Mac, Windows, Linux. It doesn't work on Apple devices. The included software works great on my Dell Windows 8 laptop. The bad thing about it was the foam pad on the bottom threw the scope out of focus, so I removed it. I reached out to the company to put a silicone or plastic bottom and a camera mount since it takes pictures and video. And this was 20 dollars US shipped.

I took the foam off the bottom and put a furniture slider instead. Now it works real sweet! I'll try to post a picture of the results. I'm rather new here and finding my way around.

What is everyone else using? Very curious.

Electric Shaman

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If this Jiusion company puts a camera mount on the bottom of this scope it would work great. I have a Manfrotto 196B-2 double joint extension you mount on a tripod. It will turn 8 ways til Tuesday to get any angle you want. With a camera mount on the microscope you can take a picture from the laptop or handheld and not bump the focus.

I'm going to try to load a picture.



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I just got this same microscope for Christmas. Here's my first picture free-hand. I'm going to enjoy using it to check trichs
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I have the Plugable 250x Digital USB Microscope, cheap and works great.


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