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Midget Louvers - Anyone have Experience? Ventilation help...


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From another forum (not sure if im allowed to post the link), i found that its generally acceptable for 6 inch exhaust duct to have an intake of minimum of 4 - 4"PVC pipes.

I know the darkroom louvers restrict a lot of airflow, so i was thinking - if 4 -4" open air PVC pipes do it, should 8 -4" Midget Darkroom louvers do the trick? I figure even if they restrict 50% of the airflow, it will be made up with the other 4 louvers. Does it even work like that? lol

Currently have 2-4" PVC, and 4 2.5 inch PVC as intake. Started with the 2.5 and realized i was WAY off...then upgraded to 4". I like the idea of not taking up so much space inside the growing areas. The PVC piping takes quite a bit of room. I sleep in my room so i def need the light proofing.

Any suggestions?
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