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Mids/Schwag? Bagseed grow IN


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4 weeks old, they were in a bout a cup of soil until I transplanted them to these gallon containers a week ago, so that's partly why they are so small, plus I didn't give them any nutrients and when I did I burnt them by accident. They will be in there until transplanted outside. 300 watt led, recently added 8 23w 6500k cfl bulbs. Also ordered 5 blue mystic AF, 5 Blueberry kush AF, 5 Critical AF, 5 Super skunk reg from Nirvana and i m going to be taking most of those outside also. Stay tuned! I can also upload pics of my last bagseed grow. Only got half oz cause it was in woods with 1 or 2 hrs of direct sunlight and flowered well into mid November ended up getting some mold had to cut when it wasn't ready.
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