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I would like to give a HUGE shout out to our wonderful sponsors MidWeekSong.

About a week ago while scrolling through 420MAGAZINE'S wonderful sponsors page, I suddenly came across the MidWeekSong banner and link to their webpage. At the time I wasn't in need of more seeds being as I already have some lined up for the coming months. But after reviewing ALL the AMAZING strains made easily available on this site I knew I just had to place an order as my future seed purchase list started growing rapidly.
I placed an order for 12 Regular BcBud - Ultimate Purple & 5 Feminised Green House Seed Co. - Kings Kush. The price of the Ultimate Purple seeds where half that compared to most other seed banks. After choosing these two amazing unique strains MWS offered me a choice of 2 free bees, which I chose NY Diesel x OG Kush & N. Lights x Chronic.
Less than a business week later (today) I received my order in the mail. Service was great, strain selection was amazing, site was simple to use, delivery was very fast. All in all a 10 out of 10 for these guys.
I would recommend checking MWS out when looking for your next Genetics Purchase.

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Note: Out of the 9 seeds I chose to germinate, 5 out of the 9 germinated with healthy tap roots. I use damp paper towels in a ziploc bag on a heat mat in a dark room seed cabinet and have great success regarding germination which leads me to believe either improper storage of the seeds either on the breeders part, or on MWS part. OR I was just unlucky with this purchase and received a few unviable seeds (It does happen). I chose 6 Ultimate Purple and 3 Kings Kush and ended up with an equal failure rate of 2 and 2 for either breeder.
I prepped replacements for germination of the faulty seeds and I will keep you posted.
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All seeds but 4 where viable and are now healthy young plants.
I wish to give another big thanks for our sponsor MidWeekSong for the gifts I received. They sent me a nice T-Shirt and some free bee seeds for this review.
Keep up the great work guys!! :goodjob:


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update: Got my package from MWS, the mug is nifty, my seeds were all packaged very professionally and even had crush proof containers inside the individual bags.

when i ordered on their site, there was a glitch in the pricing system, and i ended up not being charged for 5 la plata lab seeds, and when they found this out, they emailed me immediately to let me know what had occurred.
Instead of suggesting i pay extra, or telling me im only getting 5 seeds, they threw in 5 different seeds for free from a couple different breeders.
They definitely hooked it up when they didn't have to, and because of that I will definitely be buying there again!
I want to give a huge shout out to lewis at mws!!!! Had such a wonderful experience from him i cant say enough good! It was my birthday and he helped me out so wonderfully i wish we had his values here in the usa... If you need seeds please do not hesitate going to midweek song you will not be disappointed at all!! Lewis is the man! Such a nice guy i really am a huge fan of him and mws.
I want to order from this place for my first seeds order, you guys have the coolest company name lol
As I posted elsewhere, placed an order and was delivered in 8 business days in perfect condition. Everything looked good and well packaged. Great freebies, good prices and yu can order individual seeds. Will order from them again.
Have you worked it out yet green lungs????????
no i haven't yet..im currently growing one clone and one bagseed but i have browsed through your site plenty of times..i will pitch in with my friend to order a couple seeds soon! !! Maybe around june
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