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Miggs - Indoor Soil - Grow Journal #1 - August 2014


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Hello y'all, finally decided to venture into my first grow after getting inspired here on the forums. You guys are an amazing group of people, nowhere near as judgmental as other forums seemed to be, which is why I joined this one. :cheer:

With that said, one belief I've reinforced here is that I don't care how much I yield, my first priority is a healthy plant that can produce quality herbs. :Namaste:

Here's the guts of the op:

What strain is it?

Auto Shark, Tutankhamon, Critical Super Silver Haze, 3 Unknown Bag Seeds and 2 Sleestack Skunk Regular Seeds I got free with my order of the first three mentioned seeds from Herbies, which by the way ROCKS!!! I got my order in 5 days.

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?

Auto Shark= Indica (Super Skunk x Northern Lights)
Tutankhamon = Sativa (Ak-47 selected phenotype)
Critical Super Silver Haze = 70% Sativa Dominant (Super Silver Haze x Critical+)
Sleestack Skunk =

I'm not sure at all what the bag seeds are other than the fact that I'm about 80% sure all the seeds are top shelf strains from the shop I go to, I only go to one.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
All are in the Veg stage
If in Veg... For how long? Pre-soaked the seeds 8/26, Germ'd two days and were placed in soil on 08/29/14
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil, Fox Farms Soil - Ocean Forest
If soil... what is in your mix? So far only the Fox Farms soil :helpsmilie:
If soil... What size pot? Regular party cups
Size of light? CFLs

x4 23w 6500k
x4 20w 2700k

Is it aircooled?

The grow room area is but not the light fixture I made. I have a fan in there meant to work inside vents rated at 60cfm I believe.

Temp of Room/cab?

This is where I've struggled, my readings fluctuated after the first 3 days as the heat inside there built up I suppose. Here are the reading from the Acu-Rite device:

Temp: 77 to 95 F
Humidity: 16% to 30%

RH of Room/cab? :helpsmilie:
PH of media or res? :helpsmilie: my water pH is now at pretty much a flat 7 according to my pH kit and my run off is at about 6.5 to 6.8
Any Pests ? So far nothing that I can see.
How often are you watering? Every 2-3 days, once the top inch feels dry and crusty.
Type and strength of ferts used? So far just soil and the pure water pH'd at 6.7 to 7

I've written in a journal every few days on my findings and nothing much eventful except the following points:

1) I properly pH'd the water for the seedlings first watering, however, I STUPIDLY did not pH my water for 3 watering cycles after and today when I was looking at them, Day 15 since pre-soaked, I pH'd my distilled water and BAM the pH was at 6! So I went ahead and corrected that and made myself enough to have 3 gallons of properly pH'd water as my reservoir for my next waterings. I apologized to my girls, especially two of them which greatly suffered for it, the Auto Shark and the Sleestack Skunk Regular seed 2, the latter of which isn't pictured, but I'll get pics up shortly after to get feedback on it as it's the one that looks in the worst shape or so my untrained eyes seem to think.

2) My grow area is VERY dry and hot. I don't have any type of exhaust set up yet and am on Day 15 since the seeds were pre-soaked. This weekend I get paid and plan to purchase the remaining items on my list.

Goals of my grow:

1- Absorb the abundance of information and begin putting it all together into one flowing river so to speak
2- Keep it stealth above all costs, light/sound/smell all contained.
3- Grow a healthy plant that produces quality herb, with yield amount the last of the requirements.

Now for pictures: (Day count started from the day I put the seeds in the shot glass to pre-soak them)

Seeds in their bags still...

Seeds in their shot glasses, 08/26/14

Auto Shark Day 04 - 08/29/14

Critical Super Silver Haze Day 04 - 08/29/14

Auto Shark Day 06 - 08/31/14

Tutankhamon Day 06 - 08/31/14

Critical Super Silver Haze Day 06 - 08/31/14

Unknown 3 Day 06 - 08/31/14

Unknown 4 Day 06 - 08/31/14

Sleestack Skunk Regular Seed 1 Day 06 - 08/31/15

Day 15 - 6 of 8 plants shown

Auto Shark Day 15 - 09/10/14

Auto Shark Day 15 - 09/10/14 (2nd Picture)

Critical Super Silver Haze Day 15 - 09/10/14

Critical Super Silver Haze Day 15 - 09/10/14 (2nd Picture)

Tutankhamon Day 15 - 09/10/14

Tutankhamon Day 15 - 09/10/14 (2nd Picture)

Unknown 3 Day 15 - 09/10/14

Unknown 3 Day 15 - 09/10/14 (2nd Picture)

Sleestack Skunk Regular Seed 1 Day 15 - 09/10/14

Sleestack Skunk Regular Seed 1 Day 15 - 09/10/14



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Awesome thanks guys, I'll keep posting as I go along, I'm glad so far it looks good.

cajuncelt, awesome to see a scrog journal for tut, i'm planning on doing the same scrog method due to my limitations in space which I'll post about as well in a moment. I have a minor dilemma as to where to put it and have 3 different spaces to use.


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Fill those cups up the 1st round (cotyledon) leaves & give them a quick drink. The stalk up to there can/will produce roots. Just a suggestion...

My Tut is in the Plant of the Month contest this month. No votes sought, seriously, but you can see how she can turn out.


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It took me a bit of quick research to see what you meant by what you first wrote, I didn't know I could do that. I just saw it helps with growth, thank you so much I will go ahead and do that now.

Thanks cc!


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You bet.
Next time try & get the soil 1" or so from the top of cup. This helps the seedling get more of the indirect air you've blowing. This will help harden them off & get big, quicker.
Again, just a suggestion. They look healthy, but a little too dry. You're about to fix that though.
Good luck!


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Awesome! I've been worried perhaps they may stretch due to how low they were. I'm actually speeding up through some work I have to do so I can sterilize myself and work on the ladies.

I'm going to add some soil as you suggested. I don't want them stretching much which is why I'm going for scrog and much training. I have multiple spots to grow in my room but am a bit uncertain as to put what where.

Any suggestions?

I have the following spaces available: (WxLxH)

18" x 30" x 95"

18" x 16" x 57"

24" x 59" x 30"

Needless to say, I'm DEFINITELY open to making all three into grow chambers but am just unsure what to put where, I suppose the smallest area would be best for veg ladies since I'm keeping them short right?


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I'm hoping I did what you suggested correctly CajunCelt. I've provided more pics, including the burned sleestack skunk plant that's still trekking along. Today I am improving certain areas of the grow box which has been a big issue for me: Temperature & Humidity. I've created a small Swamp Cooler to fit in there and am hoping that coupled with the exhaust fan I'll be adding today while give me the temperatures and humidity levels that are more desirable.

I suspected I had a drainage problem and carefully opened the bottom slits more for proper drainage, but sadly I didn't correct that mistake until 9/10. Now they are draining properly and my pH run-off is at 6.5-ish, right at that dark yellow color.

If I'm counting correctly, the plants all have at least 3 nodes with the exception of the poor burn victim. I went ahead and FIM'd the one's that had at least 3 nodes, none had less than 4... again, if I counted correctly.

Any and all advice is GREATLY appreciated. I do have some questions, however, if that's alright.

1- When should I transplant these ladies into their final pot? (It's been 16 days since they were planted in soil)

2- I'm using Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, at what point should I introduce the nutes? I had planned to get either Jungle Juice or Gen. Hydro's products but would love some feedback before, I just notice those seem to be among the most popular and easy for me to get as well.


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They look very happy.
Put your hand over the cup with the seedling between your fingers & hold upside down until the entire plant comes out far enough in your other hand to check for roots. When you see them, transplant.

I would wait at least another week. The roots are usually directly under the tips of the leaves (drip line). You've a little ways to go.
The products you plan to use are great & easy to use. I use GH products myself.


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Awesome thanks CajunCelt! I will definitely do that, in the meantime I'm going to Fry's in a bit to get a super quiet pc fan for the exhaust duct I plan to install Monday morning when the folks are at work. I'm glad it's not yet time to transplant, it gives me time to create the permanent or at least foreseeable future stealth box operation and have it fully running prior to transplanting them into their final pots, I want to make it as smooth a transplant as can be. I've already botched things enough :smokin2:

My temperature and humidity have also gotten better since doing what you told me and slipping in a ghetto swamp cooler using an 99 cents store fake-tupperware container, two 5v laptop fans I had lying around plus a small 10v power strip.

My levels are now:

Humidity = 24% to 35% (the past 24 hours its been no lower than 31%)
Temps = 82 to 91 degrees F (the past 24 hours it's been between 85-88 degrees)


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So I found that on 9/20 I had a pH burn in my plants or so I think, the bottom leaves have started turning yellow? Not sure if it IS the pH but what I do know is that I had my distilled water mix too high, 7.6-8 for sure, it was nearly 100% solid green like in the General Hydroponics pH test indicator kit.

Here are some pics of the day I found the bottom yellow leaves, 09/20 and then two days later just now, 9/22 a few minutes prior to their light cycle. I start the cycle at 5pm and run till 11am and off 11:01am to 4:59pm. This has helped me counter the hotter conditions in here by running my light cycle during the coolest 18 hour block of the day.

Here are the pics from today

Any help would greatly be appreciated. I had planned to transplant them into their 3 gal pots on Saturday the 20th but saw the yellow leaves. Now I'm thinking maybe I should wait till they get some strength again but have seen posts saying that's good and some posts stating otherwise. What should I do?


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Im happy I dropped in to check this out, your girls look like they're recovering from that shock well. PH imbalances like that can cause nutrient lock out, its great you caught it early before it did some heavy damage during flowering!

Personally, I'd wait a few more days and see how they do before transplanting them into their new homes. There's really no draw back to waiting an extra day ya know, when you could lose a plant.

Im looking forward to the ride though, keep it coming!!


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Awesome thanks for the info jinn, I was crazy worried when I saw those yellow leaves, I immediately started seeing what it could be, didn't take too long to find a possible culprit because I haven't yet added nutes and used the pure fox farm ocean forest soil. I'm glad I won't be punished for waiting some days for the transplant.


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Yea it's been chill so far, lots of help to read from previous journals. You guys have an amazing wealth of knowledge here, all one's gotta do is sift through it all, luckily for me I have an obsessive nature about things when i'm new to them, I try to absorb all the info I can at the fastest rate I can. This keeps me busy while I wait for a taste of these ladies.

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