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Might be male or late bloomer?


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I have 3 that I started 12/12 light on about 8 days ago. 3 seperate kinds from feminized seeds sprouted around the same time. Two have shown me some pistols. One has not. I dont see balls yet. But I'm worried it could turn out Male being the other two showed so far. Think I'm right, or do you say late bloomer?


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Three different strains = three different genetic codes = three different flowering times.

They are feminized? And sprouted "around the same time"? You should be patient. Waiting is the worst part of growing. Just wait until they are al frosty, sticky, and stinky... and you still have 4 weeks left :48:that's waiting. Take for instance her.............
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Feminized seeds are actually hermaphrodites and sometimes start out as male. Don't worry they will come around if you ever see these. This one is simply a "late" bloomer 99%. Probably already can tell.
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