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Mighty Vaporizer Bubbler Crafty Vaporizer Bubbler

The Bubble Straw adds one piece water filtration to both the Crafty and Mighty portable vaporizer. Simply fill with the logo facing the proper direction, and the Straw will automatically drain to the ideal amount of water. Fill your Crafty/Mighty with herb, remove the cooling unit, then twist the Bubble Straw into place. With the added water cooling and filtration, you’ll be able to turn your Crafty/Mighty up to a higher temperature for even bigger hits that are always cool and smooth. A very reasonably priced way to add significant performance increases to your favourite Storz & Bickel portable

Mighty adapter
Mighty bubbler
Mighty stand
Mighty glass mouthpiece
Crafty adapter
Crafty bubbler
Crafty glass mouthpiece​
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