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Migraine by Anonymous

Julie Gardener

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Migraine by Anonymous​

I am a longtime headache sufferer. I am 33 years old and the father of five. I have worked at the same job for almost ten tears and run my own publishing company along with my wife. I am home from work again, just unable to get past the pain. I have tried everything under the sun for my chronic headaches (currently diagnosed as migraine/mixed headaches). The "traditional" medicines are no help and only serve to exacerbate the headaches. I have tried biofeedback, pain centers, relaxation classes, massage, chiropractic care, osteopaths, faith heelers and anything else that had any remote possibility of helping me. The only reason I able to continue living is because of my love for my wife and children. Marihuana has been my savior and my only way to get a slight toehold to build my life back from. At the outset of a headache (or with the onset of auras) I can use marihuana to keep the headache from getting too advanced. If I am in the middle of a bad episode I can smoke some marihuana and receive an analgesic effect and my mind is able to disengage from the extreme pain. I hope that there is a cure somewhere out there, but until then I intend to use marihuana without guilt to increase and stabilized my quality of life. Without using some this morning I would still be curled up in bed and unable to write this letter.

In the final analysis, the use of marihuana and the rotating of over-the-counter Tylenol and NSAIDs are the best way to control my chronic pain. I hope that this information will help others! My doctors are unfortunately afraid to discuss, much less give me a prescription (I'm in California) for marihuana. If you have any suggestions for support group, organizations and/or doctors in the San Diego area I would much appreciate it.

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Amen! I too am a chronic migraine sufferer. I am 33 yrs old and a couple of years ago my migraines progressively have started getting worse and worse. I also run my own business, attributing to high stress levels. My doctors have me on 50 mg of anti seizure/migraine preventative meds twice daily. and 100-200 mg of Imitrex at onset. I also eat a relatively balanced, healthy diet with lots of water. I get massages whenever possible, which do also help. However... the last time I had a bad episode I was disabled all day. The only thing that kept me out of the ER was the MJ. It helps elevate the nausea and vomiting. It numbs the pain of the headache and sometimes takes it away after some time. With mild episodes I am actually able to function as normal (go back to work, or back to what I was doing before the onset of the headache). To me...after the research I have invested so far into this drug...I don't see why there is so much being done to prevent people from using it, when it has been such a miracle worker for me so far. Honestly, the other prescriptions I'm being prescribed by my Dr. are probably much worse for my body...IMO


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Damn, guys. I hear you & you have my sympathy. Migraines are what got me toking at 11 yrs old & it helped me a lot. It's the only thing I've ever found that does help me, but at this point, that's not an option for me so when they kick in, I just curl up in the dark with an icepack & do my best to wait it out. :/ I've been feeling the beginnings of one setting in this morning. :( Wish it was legalized already.
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