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Mike's Soil - Bag Seed Grow Journal 2011


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Hello everyone :Namaste: this is my first grow I am hoping to use this journal as a guidence tool. My journy started with 18 seedlings now I am down to 9. My goal is to have at-least 1 survive (I don't care if its a male) I thank you for taking the time to click my thread (Accidentally or not)

For my setup

What strain is it? No clue my friend called it the "old man's rope"
If in Veg... For how long? Its been in Veg for about 1 Week
Indoor or outdoor? outdoors/Rooftop grow
If soil... what is in your mix? 90% Fox Farm Ocean Potting Soil; 10% Perlite (I know the potting soil has some but added some to the bottom of the pot)
If soil... What size pot? 30 Gallon tubs
Size of light? 684*10^25 Lumens; it's 93 million miles away I hope it doesn't burn out my plants :)
Is it aircooled? Yes when the wind blows
Any Pests ? My Neighbors; Do Spiders count? no not mites.
How often are you watering? Right now every other day is the plan with about 2 gallons; it gets hot here routinely in the 90s and very humid
Type and strength of ferts used? I will use fox farm trio :MoreNutes:

This is a 30 Gallon container that I have inserted a piece of slate rock in the middle to create two containers

I ran out of slate so I used cardboard here hope they hold

You can see the outline of the cardboard here

My pet rock keeping watch ;)

Ran out of tubs had to use the bucket it has pretty much the same ratio of mix

Close ups they seem shy

One bucket with the slate has hydroton rather than Perlite the other one is just Fox Farm Ocean Pot soil; the Cardboard buckets have the Perlite mix

Thanks for reading


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Hello everyone I am down to 7 plants now trying to see what brought about their destruction. I have not watered them since I transplanted them it has been pretty wet here so I choose not to water them... soil feels very moist no nuts added. Soil in these two pots came from the same bag.

So far so good here this is the Pot A

12 hours later

Two days later the plants bucketmate showing signs of curled up lower leaves


Pot E the single in the 5 gal container also shows droopy leaves


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Massacre at the green top roof

So I come home from work today to find 3 of the 8 plants I had died :rip:

So I figure I am under watering the plants; just loaded each container with about 5 gallons of water a piece. PHed the water to 6-6.5 before dumping (literally because I had an empty painter bucket that I used to mix the water)

Photos below


Edit: temps have been in the 90's recently with humidity over 50%
Edit2: added white sheet over pots to keep sun out apparently the I underestimated the lumens the sun puts out
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So I started my journy with 18 seedlings now i am down to a lonely 3.


any one know if that okay one is going to make it?
BTW that is the one I asked about it has a white spot on it is not a perlite spot photo trick

but more recruits on the way


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The plants look great is it the right time to be adding nutes? Like big grow? Feeding them today.

Thanks in advance :Namaste:


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Looking good, the element of surprise makes bag seed grows fun & frustrating. But, I've been knocked on my butt by some product of bag seed grown right. You might want to look into fabric pots-there's several brands on the market now like smart pot, geo pot etc I did several side by sides with those and plastic pots and consistently got healthier plants, bigger & denser blooms. They're inexpensive IMO $3-$6 for the 3 & 5 gallon sizes. Just a suggestion, I don't represent anyone's interests.


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:welcome: to the thread. I bought the tubs for a hydroponic system not for soil; I went to soil because it is less complex. Well it's morning and that nute feed isn't happening "because I got high; i got high; i got high; brumm bup...."


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Well it's another week (3) without having to water my plants Thank You rain. But that means I cannot add nutes to them or risk over watering suggestions? Here are this weeks pic's. I think plant B is starting to bend over a bit; though I think it is to get behind A's wind shadow. Plant C has straightened out! but still has that white spot on the leaf... what could it be...



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New Photo's

These things are growing like Weeeeds! They are getting rather stinky if you know what i mean.

Plants A&B

Plant C

Plant A

Plant B

Plant B


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My topsy truby stand toppled over today (try saying that 5x fast); no casualties; some unripped cherry tomatoes fell out of there boy were they sour. Plant C took a big direct hit from the stand i will let the pictures tell the story. Splint?



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Update; Well I chopped off the top of the branch and put into a pot of soil I hope it continues to grow so far so good.

BTW any one have predictions on timeline for this project?

My initial impressions
It will Veg through Mid July
Flower towards end of July
Harvest September
Cure through the month of September/October
Smoking November?

Does that sound right?


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No advise to give, but I'm strapped in for your grow. Your plants are looking awesome.:yummy:


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I have not posted an update here in a long time; well the reason is because I have been on vacation since my last post. Last watering was on the 28th when we had tons of rain... I am worried that they have not seen a lot of rain according to the weather.com less then .5" of rain. Hope they can hang for another 4 days
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