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Mikeyxb - 2 Plant One Pot Plus More


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OK so now I'm a bit more experienced I'm setting up a new journal gor these grows as I'm not quite I newbie anymore so here goes

0.8x.8x1.5m grow tent
600w dual spec hps
Canna terra soil
Advanced nutrients GMB ph perfect
Bud ignitor
Big bud
Liquid w-8
Cloth pots (don't know the exact size)


Wonder woman nirvana seeds
White widow green house seeds

And also some strain of critical so I'm told but not 100% so it's kind of a mystery seed

So in my last journal I made a little error 2 of my seeds did not pop from the soil I'm presuming I may have put them 2 deep so I dug about to find them but no joy so u just planted 2 more and hey all 4 popped 3 days later so I now have 2 pots with 2 plants but I'm going to leave them where they are and see what happens experiment you may say

So here's wonder woman at day 25 out of soil

And white widow the same

Now 5 days in is white widow duo

And now mystery critical duo also 5 days

Enjoy my journal hope it's informative

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New grow room is done and away now

Gonna build a drying box in there also for hanging buds
Good job mike! No air pockets behind those foils? Looking solid and nugworthy, haha. Nice. :thumb: :love: :Namaste:


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