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Mildew Question


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It has been crazy hot and humid here lately for quite some time now and I have developed a bit of mildew in my mother plants. Nothing terrible but it has got my attention!!! RH has been tipping 75 and steady for a while now. I run my dehumidifier often but that really kicks off some heat and that causes other problems! My temps and humidity in my flower tents are ok could be better but really HOT AND HUMID here! No problems with them and should be fine. My mothers have a little white mildew and have not gotten worse... Trying several things to help but will the mildew on the leaves clear up when it cools down here or will I have to trim and clean her up? How concerned should I be? In spite of the heat here the girls are looking great! May be the biggest buds I have had yet!


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Increase the air flow across your buds. Not much you can do about the ambient temperature, but you can encourage evaporation off the plants.

Mildew spreads by spores. You'll need to trim the mildewed parts out, or it may spread. Also, thin out the middle of the plant some, to allow air flow.
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