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Milford Township Officials Extend Medical Marijuana Moratorium

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Milford Township officials have again extended the medical marijuana moratorium for another six months.

Township Attorney Jennifer Elowsky said the extension is "for the same reason as before, to conduct research, study and analyze the zoning ordinance" to determine where – and if – medical marijuana-related activities will be permitted in the township.

The moratorium prohibits growing, smoking and dispensing medical marijuana. It was initially established in the township in May 2010, and extended last November for six months.

Like Milford Township, communities throughout the state of Michigan have medical marijuana moratoriums in effect while officials determine their preferred place, if any, for related activities. In the Huron Valley, a moratorium that has been in effect in Highland Township for a year was recently extended for another six months. The Village of Milford's medical marijuana moratorium expires in June. Officials will likely address it at a village council meeting next month.

Milford Township Supervisor Don Green noted that the Oakland County Board of Commissioners is working on a county-wide medical marijuana ordinance, and that will have some bearing on what happens locally.

"We're waiting for the county to come through with theirs," he said.

According to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, 75,521 patient registrations for medical marijuana have been issued since 2009. Some 14,300 applications have been denied, mostly due to incomplete applications or missing documentation.

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