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milkweed assassin bug?


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I panicked and got rid of them before I did any research. Didn't know whether they were friend or foe. Anyone got any clue what they are?


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Don't feel bad for removing them straight away...its a scary sight when you see your girls covered in bugs!

But yeah they are actually helpful for keeping away other dangerous bugs!


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Next time don't panic, there are hundreds of insects who like to sit on your plants and only few of them do any damage.

Fuzzy Duck

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They look like ants...

Which could be harvesting aphid poo (crap) basically sugar.

If aphids are present i would more concerned with them...

Even tho it looks like you have a powdery mildew problem at present also !


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Thanks guys, yea wish those little guys would come back now. Got hit by caterpillars and mites. Some white areas on the leaves are from dipel dust and some from getting hammered by mites.
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