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Mill, Marijuana Protesters Rally At Legislature

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It was pot versus pulp at the steps of the Saskatchewan legislature Monday, vying for public attention.

A busload of former mill workers came down from Prince Albert to try to pressure the provincial government into getting a new deal to reopen the city's pulp mill.

While leaders from the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union and NDP opposition members addressed the crowd and media, a group of marijuana supporters arrived.

The group, complete with a man dressed as a marijuana leaf, stood on the steps as a protest against Canada's drug laws.

One man handcuffed himself to the front door. Security had to cut him free with bolt cutters. He was given a warning by police.

Later, during question period, politicians ignored the pot protest and focused on the mill.
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The pulp and paper operation closed in 2006.

Before the provincial election was called in October, the NDP government signed a memorandum of agreement with Domtar to reopen it.

After the election, the Saskatchewan Party government cancelled the deal, saying it put Saskatchewan taxpayers potentially on the hook for up to $100 million.

Minister of Energy and Resources Bill Boyd called the NDP's deal with Domtar a "cruel hoax."

However, New Democrat Leader Lorne Calvert said the government was backtracking on what one of its MLAs, Darryl Hickie, said on the campaign trail.

Hickie, MLA for Prince Albert Carlton, said a vote for him was a vote to reopen the mill.

Prince Albert Northcote MLA Darcy Furber called for Hickie's resignation.

Source: CBC News
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