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Milpitas Teen Arrested In Connection To Santa Cruz Pot Robbery


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One of the men suspected in an armed home-invasion robbery near downtown Santa Cruz on Friday was arrested in Milpitas, police said.

The 17-year-old Milpitas resident was arrested at his Curtner Drive home around 8:30 p.m. Friday, according to Santa Cruz Police Capt. Steve Clark. The teen -- who is not being named because of his age -- was identified as the owner of the black Ford Mustang with red racing stripes that was described as the robbers' getaway car.

Police reported three men stole $4,000 cash and a container with several ounces of marijuana from a house on the 300 block of Lincoln Street in Santa Cruz around 4:30 p.m. Friday. The trio then fled in the Mustang.

The robbery victim, a 19-year-old Santa Cruz man, is a medicinal marijuana user. He had met one of the suspected robbers about a month ago, and the two had talked about marijuana supplies, Clark said.

"We're investigating whether or not there was a prearranged sale that was meant to occur," said Clark.

Clark said police found an air gun, marijuana and an undisclosed amount of cash in the Mustang. The teen was booked in Santa Cruz County Juvenile Hall on robbery, burglary and conspiracy charges, Clark said.

The two other robbery suspects have not been arrested.

Detectives ask anyone with information about the robbery to call the Investigations Bureau at 831-420-5820 or the anonymous tip line at 831-420-5995.

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Fug Juvenile hall, send this lil bitch to YA then prison. Home invasion is a crime beyond stealing to feed and should be treated as such. It's barely less offensive than murder, and people that feel the rewards outweigh the terror inflicted on the victims should be classified w/ the likes of child molestors and rapists.

Let this also be a warning to others whom abuse their status as a medical user in order to achieve financial gains. Storing large sums of cash and high value items like mmj in ones home (and telling people about it) comes with very real risk. This 19 year old learned the hard way.
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