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Milwaukee Author Publishes Second Parkinson's Book. "Marijuana For Parkinson Disease"

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What is presently a controversial subject matter as many States one by one approve medicinal use of marijuana, this new research book should help provide medical support for new legislation. This is an interesting insight from the author who is a retired career law enforcement officer and Parkinson's patient.

The author Richard Secklin, is a graduate of Lubbock Christian University and a LCU award winner for his research. Readers are given a brief history on cannabis, the laws, the medicinal use, medical research, and much more in his new book, "Marijuana for Parkinson's Disease — Cannabis Research and the Miracle Plant for Parkinson's."

Marijuana is truly a miracle plant that has been around for thousands of years and beneficial for many illnesses and diseases said the author. "Is marijuana, the oldest medicinal plant known to man the sectarian or alternative contemporary medicine or are all other medicines since the existence of cannabis the new modern alternative drugs?" (Secklin, 2012, .4)

Pharmaceutical use of cannabis is not new and history shows us how this miracle plant has been misinterpreted through an era of ignorance. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years and the credibility of marijuana as a therapy specifically for Parkinson's disease is somewhat new. "Marijuana is a miracle plant that helps Parkinson's patients and benefits people suffering from many other illnesses" states PD patient and author of, "Marijuana for Parkinson's Disease" (2012).

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Author: Secklin
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