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Mindcontrol AK-48 300Watt LED Hydro Tent - 2017


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Hello and cheers!

Mindcontrol here! ready to report on my newest mission!
I am a returning 420 member!
here is what I am working with......

one bag seed (unknown) ( about to flip into bloom )
3 ak48 nirvana seeds (on route now)

Hydro- coco coir
square plastic 1 gallon pot

24 by 24 by 48 inch tent by I-pyramid
300 watt led bloomspec light.
acu rite temp/humidity meter
home depot timer
holmes 2 inch fan


Alaska fish fertilizer 5:1:1
(claims no burns!)

miracle grow liquid plant food 1:1:1

(ordered some more ferts for bloom)
I am already running into a heat or light problem. the seedling came from a tote and 13 watt led lighting. The temp was 72 and now the switch to tent is at 82. when i first got the tent up it was 88 so I am thinking second fan?
never used this small of tent but i'm guessing the utilizing the intake and outtake fans pockets is where i'm headed.
thanks for the follow!


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Re: Mindcontrol ak-48 300watt led hydro tent-2017



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Hello! salutations!

great news and the bad news of the week!
trying to keep it weekly as my time is crazy right now.

so the bad...
off ph because of growing in coco coir and mag. defficiancies has kept me busy.
heat problems as well. temps in 88,was able to bring em down to 82-86
which for these few days will have to do until I get an air cond./cooling system.
this problem however must be fixed before bloom stage.


had to move my tent and in this they got a little stress,nothing that time wouldnt heal however,set back veg. growth for several days.
never a good thing,but could be worse.

got some topping done. 2 sets, I am up to 8 nice cola sites,and it is looking like I have a female for the bag seed. I could be wrong but time will tell on this too.(75% sure)

nirvanas ak 48 came in!
germinated...3 of 3 is in the soil now.
last night before lights went dark it looked like all were breaking surface of soil and one had rid its shell.

here they are

ill start with the main info..

veg cycle..today in the 34th day
seedlings day 2!
cheers...more flicks real soon!


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greetings to all!!

5/8 updates...
veg for bagseed (naming sage)
day 42
temp / humid = 77/72 ..37 humidity
coco coir in half gallon pot
nutes on 5/7 alaska fish fertz: one tblspn
cal mag: one ml per quart
ph at 6.5

did the last of my lst and topping..2 more branches bent and tied to planter. 4 sides pinned down now,

this will give me more colas and hope the longer veg. time will increase yield.
while I wish I had done this long veg. to the ak 48 genetics..this bagseed is doing quite well!
also there is preflowers from the ext. veg. cycle.

moved into led tent..although I dont have the room in the small tote.I have a dilemma in which I either keep my lst plant bagseed two more weeks in veg.
or I send them into flower now and use my small tote for these 3 ak 48.not sure if I will have the room unless I also lst and keep them small in height.
is this a good strain to do this with ?? I will be looking into this.monday would be my move to flower.
here are the lil ak48's day 8...now in veg. mode

my cycle is 18/6
the 3 have been topped as of yesterday...and one lil runt isn't taking to it as well as other two.
will slow down on any more stress for her,and will begin nutes for them today after they wake.
cheeeeers to anyone following!


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hello all! (or just OBI WAN) lol:thanks:

so school is almost over and us teachers are very excited for our summer break! which means lots more time on the journal progression!

we have had really only one problem...
humidity. when the tent is in light mode its ok,however in dark sleep my humid levels have risen to 80%
I am ordering an inline fan so that i feel comfortable that no light will leak in my tent during sleep.I have had thoughts of leaving a few vents open however the last thing I want is herme plants. this is just a problem in last week as i only have one nice fan that goes thru a vent when lights are on...
here is a look at my ladies in flower. we are at day 10 of flowering

They are now in 2 gallon cloth bags. I ordered 4 , 3 for the ak48 soon to put in flower because of timing i'm dealing with a move to hawaii.
this will be right up to the move.
here is ak48 in veg.
day 25 veg. soon to flip in few days..
they are looking much fuller and bigger however this is pic's i have uploaded.not where they actually are at....more to come!!!

thanks for any help you can throw at me to get these girl up a bit in size.


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aloha everyone !!! :welcome:

so been some time for a few peeks at the tent,going to just get into it, the sage is at week 6..im going to tuck numbers away and go with visual cues! I want to do this as practice to eye my plants and see where they are in flower and how close to harvest.
we are at week 3 for the ak48. the harvest of the sage will open up a lot of room because this bushy sativa is in need of more room!

sage...in flower

did my first flush yesterday.I am going to flush once a week and keep em to only cal mag and molasis.
until next time!!
keep it....:volcano-smiley:


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:welcome: :allgood: struttin along in the bloom stage of this grow. the sage is about to come to a hault/ I'm looking at one more week.took a nice little sample bud for good measure...
here are the ladies...first sage then the 3 ak48!

glam shots!!

more to come your way!!


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we are nearing the five day stretch! I dont want to go any longer than this as I made a rookie mistake.soooo I didnt lollypop high enough on the sage plant,which made a lower 1st floor canopy of thick small buds,the buds turning out however its caused some slight smell skunky difference which I have kept a close eye on.no mold just paranoid they will if i go any longer with dying leaves. cut as many as possible,have the intake fan on it and another fan on top for airflow,dont wanna go too much as i have read about wind burn .ocd at its best!
here we are, enjoy!

here is the tent and the 3 ak48 one month into flower!

harvest pics next!!!


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:welcome::party: HARVEST DAY!!!!!
although I feel the harvest was a tad early this is the situation I find myself in..and life isnt always on your schedule . shit happens
with that being said lets get into the bagseed I have been referring to as sage!

be back with more harvest flicks!!


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we are here!!!
here is the end of my harvest! ak48 done in 58 days!
5 days dry one week cure..(still curing with braveda paks)
ak 48 purchased from nirvana, I give this grow a 9
minimal problems,humidity in beg, of veg.. taken care of with more venting duct fans!
the ak 48 will have a smoke report because it's the first really tasty strain I have harvested. I feel very good about my next grow due to the confidence in this grow. the harvest went well, I could have done more flush a week earlier and also would like to go an extra week past this harvest so I can get some more colors out of her!
here we are!

and trimmed



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this journal is finished and may be moved ! thanks 420!

Amadeus Forzin

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

I’m moving this to Completed Journals now.

You can use the Report Post
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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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