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Mindless thoughts


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has your mind ever been so wrapped up its like another reality?
nothing makes sence, nothing can justify, living in conformity.
i dig in my mind, wondering where it went.
my days are spent
staring at my walls and yard,
my car used it last card.
its not good to be cooped up.
i go for a walk with the pup.
but not much adult interaction.
my mind going crazy, can feel the reaction.
stuck in the country, sick of the brids, and the cows across the way,
like em', but i hear them every day.
same is the train on schedule at nine.
then 2 more right on time.
no horn blowing, you hear the rumble,
the rocks break as they crumble,
underneath the weight of the train,
i gotta get out, im going insane
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