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Mini Split Air Conditioners


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I'm in the market to purchase a mini split unit for my room which is in a pole barn. I've been trying to research the different models and cannot find enough reviews to make an informed decision. I've been told that I need a 24,000 BTU model. I've got 7,500 watts in a 23'x11' room. I've found them ranging from $900-$3,000. I know you get what you pay for, but anyone with an opinion or experience to shed some light on this, I would appreciate it. The brands I keep coming back to are Air Con, Kilmaire, Mr. Whisper and Shinco.


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7500 watts @ 3.41btu's per watt= 25,575 Btu's

24000 btu will not quite be enough, do you think you can do 2-18000btu units?

Shinco is the best inverter for the price. With this model you get the inverter like all the other expensive units with a good high quality. Shinco has been the most popular brand in GrowRooms. If you want to save some money and still get a good machine, Shinco is a good deal. 2-18000btu (18 seer) units for $1135 each delivered.
1-24000 btu(13.3 seer) for 1170.99 Delivered

Hope this helps, :goodluck:


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Glad I looked at this thread! I am building a CGE room and am looking for just such an item. The Shinco looks like what I need! Am I right in reading that the 18,000 BTU unit draws about 7amps when cooling?


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Yes, that is correct. 7-8 amps. I can still do an 18000btu for 1135.99 if you pay by E-check, but if you want to pay by CC or Paypal visit here :peace2:


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Rather than using pair coil copper piping. I always thought hydraulic hose slipped though some insulation might be the way to go. More expense I guess, but perfect for moving around.

What do you reckon CC?

duck man

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I have a overheating to. small closet in a barn 3' x 6' x 7' tall. i have good ventalation but the outside temp hit 101 today. need some kind of cooler


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Generally mini split air conditioners are best for room use. The only problem with it is the noise. It's almost like having a leaf-blower in the room when it's running.


Im not too sure what systems you have been using, but all the ones we carry are more quiet than any window, wall, or central system.


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Hey mrichards0220

One of our sister websites, Split Air Conditioners - Air Conditioner Units actually sells split air conditioners, and they specialize in them. We've done a few reviews on the brands you were mentioning, AirCon, Klimaire etc. Generally the brands that are available for purchase online. Another brand you may want to take a look at is Senville.

Generally these brands are all about the same in product quality. Obviously price can affect quality, so you can get much cheaper units, but don't expect the world from them. Your probably around right with 24000, but you don't want to strain the unit.

We've done a bunch of reviews at Air Conditioner Reviews - Air Conditioner Reviews and customers have left there feed back on the items as well, so you can browse through some of the reviews. All in all the units generally run about the same, you just want to make sure your dealing with a company that's going to help you out if you need parts or have technical issues.


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I'm in the market for a portable or a mini-split, however there are some questions/concerns that I have regarding installation that maybe someone can answer:

1. Can they be installed with the outside unit/compressor in the attic? My room is enclosed in a large attic and to place the compressor outside would mean adding another $300 to $400 for extended lines. So, what does it need that could not be provided in the attic? It does get pretty hot up there in the summer but I don't use it in the high summer, so no worries there.

2. Can I install it? Do they come pre-charged? Or does it require an HVAC person to install it? Or do I need to have the equipment to charge it if I install it myself.

3. Are portables like the Ideal-Air Dual Hose 12000 btu good for sealed rooms? Or does it exchange inside air with outside air?

My room is 8X8 or ~64 sq ft, sealed, with tanked Co2.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I currently run a 14000 btu inside portable AC unit in a 14 x 8 room in the attic of a barn. If isn't enough to keep temps optimum. I'm expanding to 2 other rooms in the barn on the lower level , and I'm going to go with a 3 zone Mini Split with at least 12000 btu's per room. It will take some high dollar copper wiring and some Electrical work and AC connections I cannot do. I have a friend who is an Electrician and he does my work. You DO have to place the compresson on a pad outside and they do come charged. Your AC guy/electrician will have to sweat in the copper lines and make sure the unit is charged correctly. I can't tell you how much easier this system will make your grow . It will cool and heat it with remote controls , and will reduce your electric bills big time. Contrary to popular belief , they are quiet while running .
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